Poetry Week – Maureen’s Obsession

Poetry Floweth! 

Here’s another poem that’s crossed my desk.  This one is by a fabulous lady who is an emerging entrepreneur.  Her name is Maureen and you can visit her blog to learn more about the struggle that is sustaining a business in Nairobi. She has great insight on how to face some of those struggles you meet when you’re running a business, or starting one, or even ending one.  Give it a check,  here’s the Blog.

Obsession by Maureen

It’s got me tripping,

Think I’m slipping,

This fixation,

So totally distracting,

No Relaxation,

Crazy how I’m reacting,

It’s all consuming,

I’m shaking,

So uncontrollable,

I’ve tried resuming,

But that seems unattainable,

It’s officially a mania,

My complete obsession,

Pales in contrast to Lawrence of Arabia,

It now has full Possession.


Poetry Week Thoughts:

This poem can describe anything you’re crazy about in life.  Be it books, writing in my case, love, business, a sport, your family, a vice,…the list goes on.  Is there something in your life that you just can’t stop?  This poem makes me think of that thing.


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