Ocean trinkets – Art & Craft

A burst of inspiration struck this afternoon.  We collected shells on the beach during a trip to Diani, and we had this huge bag of shells we didn’t know what to do with.  Anyway, the inspiration came from browsing pinterest, and finding these great seaside jars made over at Completely-Coastal. So, got to work collectingContinue reading “Ocean trinkets – Art & Craft”

Chasing the Sunset to Eldoret

Took a road trip to Eldoret, KE this week.  There were so many pictures that I thought it’s best to just share them on the blog.  So, here are sights from our beautiful, lush countryside! A lake to purposely visit Shades of Sunset Gallery. We were heading west, so each town tended to have it’sContinue reading “Chasing the Sunset to Eldoret”

Five Reasons why you need an Editor in Kenya

Five Reasons why you need an Editor in Kenya. Editing is lifesaving to writers.  A good editor will make your work shine, and help you tell your story in the clearest way possible.  A good editor will ensure you are bringing out the best of your content. Here is why: Language: Editors will make sureContinue reading “Five Reasons why you need an Editor in Kenya”

Life on the Fast Track – 18

Track 18 – I met your dark side and it scares me “Danny?” Jasmine flung the driver’s door open.  Her hands shaking when she saw Danny slumped over the steering wheel. “Danny.”  Jasmine touched his shoulder and he sat back with a harsh curse.  “Oh thank God!  Are you hurt?  Anything broken?  We should getContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 18”

Saturday afternoons in the Flower garden

Today, our favorite companions, two white cats, with the most expressive eyes.  I, most times, believe they understand every word we say.  They’re both girls and get those moments when they huff and walk away…..clearly, they’re speaking here. I saw them playing in the flower garden and it reminded me of another Saturday not tooContinue reading “Saturday afternoons in the Flower garden”

Art Adventures at the Hotel Waterbuck-Nakuru

  It feels like it’s been a while since I went on a road trip, so this was incredibly fun.  Nothing on the mind, but being on the road, noting random things, lush green scenery and that family of zebras, having their lunch.   Nakuru was rainy when we got there, so our contact sentContinue reading “Art Adventures at the Hotel Waterbuck-Nakuru”

3 Important Things for Kenyans to Remember

I’m guilty of falling into a dark repetitive cycle when what I expected doesn’t happen, or changes into what I didn’t want.  #ElectionsKe is a great example of jumping into this dark repetitive cycle that leaves you spinning on the same spot. Questions like, ‘Why is this happening?’ ‘Can’t they just stop or agree?’  ‘OhContinue reading “3 Important Things for Kenyans to Remember”

Life on the Fast Track – 3

Track 3 – I Like You So Much, I’m Terrified The next few minutes were a blur for Danny.  He could only think of her delicious scent when she leaned into him.  Her soft lips on his clean-shaven jaw and how much he wanted her to do it again. “Danny?” Jasmine called again, snapping himContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 3”