The Girl with a Golden Smile

Nalia Learns to live a new life, saying goodbye to the old one. A short story of a woman who escapes an abusive relationship. #NaliaandNicholas

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I Dream of You

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Janet Kerira has been dating Timothy for a year and a half and he’s never told her that he loves her. On Valentine’s Day, she spends the day worrying because Timothy hasn’t called her for four days. He left on an assignment and hasn’t called, messaged or even emailed her once. Janet hopes the magic of Valentine’s day will bring him back to her. 

Life on the Fast Track

Jasmine and Danny struggle to forge a future together, despite their many differences.  When Danny’s life choices place Jasmine’s life in danger, she must find the courage to stand with him when he faces a villainous adversary.

Can they make it together?  Is love enough to make them last forever?

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Koya’s Choice

Charlie and Koya struggle through a difficult past. Before they can find each other, they must discover why Charlie’s mother tried her best to keep them apart.

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Save My Heart

Leila Karani fell in love thinking it was forever. When she got pregnant, Nathan refused to support her and urged her to get an abortion instead. Eight years later, Leila is a single mother running a fabric and tailoring shop in Nairobi city, and the only thought in her mind is her daughter’s happiness. Until she runs into Nathan unexpectedly and he wants to meet their child

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