You I Love -I’ll Always Remember

When those we love are gone, The pain like a deep hole, inflates so wide, A new world starts, one without, a world alone, Still…no one knows or understands, This pain, how it yawns ahead like an abyss…   When those we love are gone, One, Two, then Three years, We think of them, heartContinue reading “You I Love -I’ll Always Remember”

Love like Fruits & Veggies

Love like Fruits & Veggies My Sweet Potato, Sugarplum, Honey and strawberry, I think of nothing but you, My delicious pumpkin, So soft, like a papaya Oh you make me, crazy like a lemon, I simply can’t forget you, My wonderful Arrow root lets meet in the garden, That place where the bananas grow.  Continue reading “Love like Fruits & Veggies”

Rain on Me

Rain on Me Fat drops, land on my face, Cold kiss, sharp kiss, Startling, refreshing I shiver; Minutes pass, I’m soaking wet. Still, the drops fall, Unrelenting. I want it to stop, Wish it would stop, But the rain turns gentle, the cold wetness comforting, that pattering; Drops dancing on each and every surface, LikeContinue reading “Rain on Me”

this African Girl

This Girl, she stands, ready to face the world. She stands, with her head held high, facing you, facing me, facing countless faces. In a crowd, a class, on the street, she stands, up to judgment, against the hate, despite the constraints, holding on to the support, she finds in those who value her theContinue reading “this African Girl”

Somewhere Else by Mathew Shenoda – Poetry Review

Somewhere Else by Mathew Shenoda From the river Nile to the teeming streets of Cairo, from the indigenous, pre-Islamic Egyptian Coptic civilization to an America struggling with its fear of the Arab world, Shenoda’s poems recall the sacred traditions of an ancient, enduring culture as they widen the political conversation surrounding ethnicity, pan-Africanism and pan-Arabism.Continue reading “Somewhere Else by Mathew Shenoda – Poetry Review”

Poetry Week Ends – Recap

Poetry Week Ends! I’m kind of sad about that because there are so many poems.  I found so many that I don’t think I could reach the end in the next five years.  There are a lot of poets from Kenya out there, quietly posting their work and talent on their blogs.  Which made meContinue reading “Poetry Week Ends – Recap”