Poetry Week Ends – Recap

Poetry Week Ends!

I’m kind of sad about that because there are so many poems.  I found so many that I don’t think I could reach the end in the next five years.  There are a lot of poets from Kenya out there, quietly posting their work and talent on their blogs.  Which made me think that I should have a Blogs Week soon.

Here’s  a Recap of the Poems I got to check out this week.

Poetry Week Poems/ Lyrics

1. Ask My Shoes by H_Art the Band.

2. You Break My Heart by Nakitare

3. I’m Not Yours to Fix by Namatsi Lukoye

4. Obsession by Maureen

5. Demons of Her Love by Njau Njeru

6. Meditations of a Father by Salem Lorot

I hope you had as much fun as I did.  Great Talent all round!


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