Poetry Week – Njau Njeru’s Demons of Her Love

I found this poem on the Kenya Poets Lounge Group on Facebook. It is written by Njau Njeru.  The only way to connect with him is through his facebook.  So, if you like the poem, and want to send him an encouraging word, please send him a message on  facebook or on the Poem link given below.


Forgive me love,
i wandered off to strange tits and
thighs and i lost my way home.
Your memories haunt me, broken
promises like dark shadows in my
today don’t fight me please, let me
say my piece, hear me out, i’m done
lying through my
YOU and ME, we spoke of hopes and
dreams and what the world needs,
in bed we spoke of kids, you wanted
sons I wanted daughters,
we agreed on three but had a fight
over naming.
sometimes she cried, asked her
why she said she loved me so
much it was all scary for her.
she said our story would have a
fairy tale
our stars would align, you and me
would die old as dirt deep in love
like a bleeding fool i had to spoil a
good thing,
the forbidden fruit dangling on my
face and
i chunked it,
wandered off to strange lips and
hips never to find a way home.
bent you out of shape, tears to
nights on end,
you shut the world outside your
heart like an iron box on your rib
my mistake like a stake through
my heart, I broke into a drinking
binge to feel numb.
you avoided me across the entire
digital and virtual spectrum,
the pain never stops, friends say
your tears
still fall,
today i mend fences, on bended
knee and
awkward social graces, i make my
you have to know demons of your
love hang on my heart like bats,
in a purgatory of pain, your name a
hound of your spawn that plagues
its a long shot but if you ever take
me back,
I‘ll love you till I‘m dry, start from
scratch and work my way up
sweet and dark love no one heals
why won’t you look me in the
eyes, your lips they tremble
say something love …anything.

Poetry Week Thoughts:

I chose to share this poem because I love how raw it is.  There is no moment the poet minces words, instead he just lets it flow, stating his pain clearly, and the regret in his words makes the poem shine.  I love it when poems are written this way, because the emotion packed in the words paints such a clear picture, it’s easy to understand what the poet is saying.  Great Job Mr. Njeru.



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