Mombasa Raha, My Foot by Haroun Risa

Happy October! 

This is my birth month, so I always feel as though I’m full of excitement in October.  The post today is about Haroun Risa’s Mombasa Raha.  He sent me his book for a read and review.  The content in this book is a lot on the heavy side.  My soul felt sad reading the harrowing experiences his characters go through.  I would call this an Awareness Book.  The topic tackled is on human trafficking, sex tourism, and murder in a world hidden in plain sight.  I give Haroun respect for daring to delve into this topic and making a book out of it. 

Mombasa Raha, My Foot is available to purchase at The Nuria Store, Moi Avenue ( Next to Assanand’s Music Shop).

Mombasa Raha, My Foot

by Haroun Risa

Book Review

Mombasa Raha has an insightful collection of characters.  Together they form a tapestry of life at its very worst and at its very best.  The characters in Mombasa Raha experience great betrayals, suffer pain and unimaginable tragedies.  The one thing they have in common is the knowledge that there is a hidden underworld found at the Coast of Kenya.  This underworld is not kind, or safe, instead it is brutal and takes everything to survive an encounter.

At the center of Mombasa Raha is Ruth.  Ruth consumes herself with an investigation of her estranged sister’s murder.  Ruth tackles the realities of human trafficking and rape.  She discovers what living through such experiences did to her sister. She delves into the hidden parts of her sister’s life to discover the devastating truth of her sister’s death.

This story is not easy, nor is it a story to read fast.  It is a revelation into the harrowing experiences Kenyans fall into and how they fight to survive the cards dealt in search of Mombasa Raha.

This book was given to me by the author for a review. The book’s content is R18+ and above.  There is mention of rape and human trafficking.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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