Day 5 : I Can’t Believe I Said that!

5 – Moments that leave you like “I can’t believe I said that!”

75541-so-embarrassedThere are times when conversations replay in the head days later and embarrassment hits like a ton of bricks.  Of course, if you have never had these moments, then you are super confident.  Plenty of these flashbacks happen when you least expect it.  When it happens to me, I just laugh and people sitting next to me think I’ve gone crazy.

For this challenge, my flashback conversation is not a conversation but a scenario.  Excitement often takes over during group activities.  I had the privilege of finding myself in a group setting lately.  I always think, ‘wow, we could do so well with this.’  My imagination can start scenarios and complete them in a minute, the end result, perfect.  I often forget imagination is often not in sync with reality.  At a meeting with this group of people, we came up with an activity of sorts.  Everyone got an individual’s number and you had to call your partner between meetings.  Sort of like a ‘big brother-small brother thing‘ I thought it was a fabulous idea. The excitement was high, being one of the people advocating for this partnership project, I was all about getting to know your partner.

“Call your partner, get to know them,” I’d say every time we met in the group setting.

Weeks later, I meet up with a few people in the group and I ask how the partnership thing is going.

“Are you guys calling each other, maybe even meeting?”

A scoff came in answer and to my eternal shock, I find out a chunk of people in the group don’t want to participate in the project.  The chunk is greater than half, almost three-quarters….wow! I was tooting a horn no one wanted to hear. Standing in this same group weeks later after this discovery, I had nothing to say…cheeks flaming…nothing came to mind.

When I think about it now, it’s probably not a moment to be embarrassed about, but that I completely misunderstood the group vibe with this activity hits me at odds time.

100 days Writing AdventureDay 5 – Forced to dig deep and talk about moments I would prefer to forget. These challenges are turning into therapy.  Still interesting to continue…



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