Words: Conversation: Inspiration

2 – Words: Conversation: Inspiration

masterclassMy sister woke me at the crack of dawn today.  I don’t do well with mornings without coffee.  This determined fire cracker got me out of bed, dressed, and out the door…all these without a cup of coffee.  I give her props for the feat.  I’m incredibly unsociable without coffee.  The world always seems like a serious battle zone, and everyone talking is the enemy racing it at me with battle axes, arrows, swords and machetes.  I was a disgruntled zombie.  My focus only on what I have to do to get to point B, and anything extra turned into an annoyance.

We were heading to a finance master class my sister runs, the venue today was along Ngong Rd.  The matatu driver was plugged to the loudest reggae music I’ve heard yet.  The treble in that joint turned into a small torture device.  I was a tad disoriented when we arrived at our destination.

Of course, my little task master knows me well.  We ended up in the lovely Cakes & Muffins restaurant along Ngong road.  Minutes later, I got my hit of house coffee, and the world righted.  I’m starting to think coffee can be used as a weapon against me.

The master class started an hour later than we had planned and in the short span of time it ran, the ladies in attendance turned into my inspiration.  Women in business inspire me on most days.  These ladies were no exception.  Starting a small business is often the most difficult task one can take up.  The challenges always out weigh the merits, but meeting these group of ladies, the waking up was worth it.

The talk on managing cash flow ensued.  You would think the topic would be enough to get them sleeping, but everyone was wide-eyed, and taking notes.  Then, the conversation started, and I got a first class seat to women facing real struggles in their businesses.  The baking industry has grown in Kenya.  Breaking into the industry requires more than bravery.  Contenders face stiff competition from fellow bakers, and consumers who are well educated in the type of products they want.  Despite the challenges, these ladies are focused, and determined to keep going despite these struggles.

When the class was over, one of the ladies comes up and says, “Thank you, so much.  Thank you for doing this, it keeps us going.”

I smiled at my sister, because she’s the determined firecracker who made this day worth it for a half-dozen women, and there is nothing more powerful than that for inspiration.


*matatu – public PSV

100 days Writing AdventureDay 2, the goal today was to hit 400 words talking about what happened during my day.  I had a good time meeting the ladies today at the masterclass, and their stories truly made me smile. Fighting!



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