On Procrastination and Peanut Butter Cookies

Fridays are my favorite, they always seem like holidays waiting to happen.  Plus, everyone is in a great mood on Fridays, so I love them.  I sat at my desk at some point today, and had absolutely nothing to say, my cursor was blinking at me, and I would just click out of Word and head on to check mail.  Doesn’t matter how many friends you have on social media, if you check notifications every two seconds, there won’t be any. That’s when you know it’s time to refocus energy, so I got up and instead went snooping in the kitchen.Cookie dough

My sister is the baker in the family, no matter what, she’s the perfectionist there.  We have a bunch of peanut butter at home, because we’re those organic people who make peanut butter from scratch and sell…..^_^, however there is the imperfect peanut butter that gets left behind, and I had a craving for peanut butter cookies.  So, I found a recipe and decided to make peanut butter cookies.  Insanity ensued of course, because when you start finding ingredient something is always missing on the list.  Today was margarine, and after a trip to the shop to get that, the baking continued on.  It was the end result that had me laughing.

It always looks perfect before the baking…^_^

My sister bakes and things come out perfect, I got those peanut butter cookies out, and I had a few with dark edges.  Mind you, I was watching for them every two seconds, so maybe I was over eager.

Everyone in the house wanted a piece when it was done and on the table, so I suppose the burnt edges were only obvious to me.

The cat got the burnt one..^_^

This whole exercise today got me thinking about procrastination in general.  The imperfect peanut butter on the shelf finally got a use, we’ve all been meaning to use it somehow, but not knowing what to do with it.  My procrastinating from writing got that sorted out pretty good since I used it all up.  We can make new peanut butter without feeling guilty about the old one.  The house has cookies to eat for breakfast, lunch or whenever…and I’m back at the desk having lots to say about procrastinating.

It’s what you do with your time, isn’t it?

Fridays are still my favorite day, so I hope you have a good one.

Have a cookie! ^_^




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