Book Shopping in Nairobi

Nairobi townNairobi City during Good Friday = Empty!  Lolz, everyone has gone out of town for the four-day holiday.  They left little ol’ me to walk around with plenty of space to play. So, I had an impromptu book shopping day.

Books for Sale

I found this guy who’d dumped this pile of books outside Tusky’s Pioneer Branch and was selling them at Kshs. 100 each.  I spent a few minutes sifting through it all.  I wanted to bring them all home, but that would have broken my bank account for sure. I ended up with three only, (moan).

My Stash – 

Rachel Ray
An Attempt to be Adventurous with food ^_^

Safe Harbor

The books are old, they need work, but, they’ll look great after I get them hardcovers.  I’m a huge Anne Rice fan and I’m trying to collect her books.  So I buy her books  when I can. I’ve never read Luanne Rice, so this is going to be a first, and of course the cookbook is to save me from the oblivion of eating the same three meals I’ve had the last few months.    Here’s to Food Adventure!

Ann Rice 2
No Cover! But the artwork is still there.

Ann Rice

Books FirstI ended up at Nakumatt Junction, and they also have a sale in their bookstore.  At Books First, if you buy Any Three Books, you get a fourth one for free.

I was here for other business, so I didn’t get any books, but it was great checking out their book list.  If you’re looking for Books First 2Fifty Shades of Grey, they have it in stock. ^_^!!!!  Buy Three copies and get one for free…lolz, that is if you haven’t watched the movie yet..

So That’s my Good Friday out on the town, I hope you have a wonderful Easter, and stay safe out there.


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