Poetry Week – Nakitare’s You Break My Heart

Poetry Week continues….

Today, we take a look at a poem by a man named Sammy Nakitare. I visited his blog through a page on Facebook, and found this lovely post.  Visit Sammy’s Blog and show him some love.  He has great talent with words.



You Break My Heart by Sammy Nakitare

You can make the clouds rain

You can send the sun away

Ain’t there a thing big for you?

At least you claim to know it all

Or so you say you’re my other god

You speak tiny truths snake

And I blindly believe all you say

You break my heart,

With all your lying.


You break my heart,

You leave me frying

You literally placed my life in a pan

Hot on fire toasting at your mercy

And you care not about my cries

I burn in rags as you wow in wealth

Cursed by the vote I cast

You break my heart

you leave me crying


Dreams so big than the skies can screen

Tears well my eyes thinking about’em

You break my heart

With all your dreaming

Yet I can never be where you are

Seems designed just for few

Who never cease to speak of trying

You break my heart

With all your trying


You piled power to make souls fight

Got great tide pulled to your side

You hypnotize the masses

With wise witty slogans

Wicked mathematician

You confuse numbers to your favor

Mister politician!

You break my heart

You leave me dying.


Poetry Week Thoughts:

These are powerful words put together to portray the status quo between the citizen and their leader.  Words given by the politicians are powerful and crashing at the same time. They can force the end, bring about change, or just plain unrest among the citizens who put all their faith in the politician.  It is a dangerous cycle, and I love this poem for putting it in such a profound manner.


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