The Girl with the Golden Smile – 7

7 – Choices Nalia clutched her handbag, as she waited outside the Kilimani courthouse. Her choices led her to this moment; still divorce wasn’t an easy choice. She’d struggled with the decision. Her hand touched her jaw, and for the first time in years marveled at the lack of pain. Men and women alike glancedContinue reading “The Girl with the Golden Smile – 7”

The Girl with the Golden Smile – 5

The Girl with the Golden Smile – 5 Nicholas couldn’t help stealing glances at Nalia. He drove with care, keeping to the speed limit, not overtaking at will. A smile tagged at his lips. Eli would be proud, he thought. Nalia sat with her hands on her lap. Her fingers were in tight fists, herContinue reading “The Girl with the Golden Smile – 5”

The Tow Away – Short Stories Week

Happy Friday. Today’s short story is courtesy of A story by the name The Tow Away. The Tow Away by Awuor Attyang Hot, stinging tears trickled down her face. She put her hands behind her head and scanned the small crowd that had gathered to witness her predicament. All had been well; a sereneContinue reading “The Tow Away – Short Stories Week”

Within An Inch of Heaven – Short Stories Week

I found this third feature through Story Zetu.  Bunmi has a website full of his short stories and as always I had a great time reading through them, in search of that one which caught my attention.  The story I chose is called: Within An Inch of Heaven.  Below, is a short excerpt; Within AnContinue reading “Within An Inch of Heaven – Short Stories Week”

Story Zetu/ Fatima- Short Stories Week

Today, I feature a blog by the name Story Zetu where I discovered a variety of short stories that left me breathless, amused, and thoughtful.  I stumbled on it when I was researching Spoken Word Events in Nairobi, and got hooked by the short stories and the views of the writers at Story Zetu.  TheContinue reading “Story Zetu/ Fatima- Short Stories Week”

21 Days – Short Stories Week

21 Days by Dora Okeyo I found him on the first day. He was walking towards my table at the restaurant. The place was full except for the seat beside me. I cringed at the thought of sharing my table with someone, worse off a guy. What if I chewed too loudly?” Zora met JackContinue reading “21 Days – Short Stories Week”