Life on the Fast Track – 17

Track 17 – The Best and the Worst of Moments Heartbeat electrified, Jasmine followed Terry into the racing grounds Danny owned with Jimmy.  They had to park their car outside the gates because there was no space left inside.  Jasmine glanced at the time on her phone.  Eleven o’clock in the night, and it feltContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 17”

Life on the Fast Track – 15

Track 15 – Because getting to know you, is my favorite adventure… The door was open, and Jasmine sat on her bed writing in her diary.  She didn’t look up, so Danny leaned on the doorjamb and watched her for a few minutes. The reading glasses resting on the bridge of her nose made herContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 15”

Life on the Fast Track – 10

Track 10 – You showed up when I was having a Hard Day…my heart moved Terry found Danny making breakfast while he fed the white cat milk.  She paused at the entrance into the kitchen and let out a whistle. “Well, well, you look quite at home, my dear big brother.” “Do you want eggsContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 10”

Blog Feature – Child of Destiny

This week, The E.i.N blog takes a break from writing, and goes on a Nairobi Fictionspiration Trip.  Sharing stories from fellow writers (bloggers) from my area code (254). Thursdays, the eve before Friday, like the calm day before the storm.  Of course, our blog feature is anything but Calm.   A. Musawale over at ChildContinue reading “Blog Feature – Child of Destiny”

Life on the Fast Track – 9

Track 9 : It’s the small things like trust, honesty…wanting to take care of the cat An hour later, they sat on Jasmine’s couch, sharing a glass of wine; soft music filled the living room.  Jazz had her feet over Danny’s lap and he was stroking them absently as they talked. “Your father is reallyContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 9”

Picture Perfect – 16

Chapter 16 Eric wanted Victoria. She was fun, her sense of humor fresh and surprising.  She had quirky habits that left him laughing in amusement when he was alone.  Like singing out loud to her favorite song came on.  The song wasn’t the problem, he could take a little Justin Bieber…but the off notes, fullContinue reading “Picture Perfect – 16”

Life on the Fast Track – 8

Track 8: The Sands of Time Flow Too Fast when we Talk. “Jazz, come on,” Danny called. She cleared her throat and righted her dress.  She hurried out into the hallway to find him holding her black sweater.  He helped her wear it, and made sure it was buttoned before he ushered her out.  TheContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 8”

Life on the Fast Track – 7

Track 7: Mama Yells, Best Friend Shocks, and the First Date “Hi Mum,” Jasmine said, holding the door open for Wanja. “Don’t ‘hi mum’ me when you have explaining to do,” Wanja stated. “I’ve been worried about you.  Not coming to dinner, not calling me, kwa nini unajificha?What’s going on with you?  ” (Why areContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 7”

Life on the Fast Track – 6

Track 6 : Family comes knocking the morning after Sunrays danced into the quiet bedroom through a crack in the heavy curtains.  They made glittering shapes on the queen-size bed where rumpled covers fell to the floor.  The white floral sheet half covered the two figures deep asleep on the bed.  A car passed onContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 6”

Life on the Fast Track – 5

Track 5 : If you say ‘Yes’, I promise, It will be Good. Making his way through the crowd, Danny followed Jasmine out of the club, catching up with her outside. “Jazz,” Danny said, rushing in front of her, stopping her progress to her car. “Spit it out.  No more games.” Jasmine stared at him.  “IContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 5”