Zuri Kabinda: The Birthday Party – Part 1

“Please.” Such a simple word, a pleading word, Zuri Kabinda thought as she said it again. “Please give me time.  I will make the payment in two weeks.” “Miss Kabinda, why did you let it get this bad?” Sylvia, her loan officer, asked. The woman spoke as though she hadn’t made her payments on time. Continue reading “Zuri Kabinda: The Birthday Party – Part 1”

Life on the Fast Track – Track 23 (Final)

Track 23 – Our Life Together Danny drove Jasmine home, after calling Jimmy to pick up her car. Ignoring the messy dining table, she sat on the couch and took the glass of water Danny got her.  After, he sat with her and she told him about Daryl’s situation with their father. “He makes it hardContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – Track 23 (Final)”

Life on the Fast Track – 22

Track 22: My parents make me want to lose my isht….still, I love them. What a day, was all Jasmine could think as she drove into her family home.  The one-acre plot was set up like a farm.  Her mother dabbled in farming: growing house veggies like cabbage, lettuce, carrots and herbs.  Her father keptContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 22”

Calculating Self- Publishing Costs in Kenya – Non-Fiction Books

Break out the calculator!  It’s all about the Word Count! So, I’ve had a few questions about what the process of self-publishing a physical book in Kenya looks like.  What does it take?  How much does it cost?  So, let’s calculate it in this post. Are you ready to self-publish? Writing in Kenya is aContinue reading “Calculating Self- Publishing Costs in Kenya – Non-Fiction Books”

Cera’s Fruit of Life

Dust sifted in a fine cloud covering her forehead.  Cera closed her eyes fast, tasting fine red soil on her lips.  She blinked away dust and continued her climb up the steep cliff.  Fingers grabbed at roots and jutting rocks that felt sturdy enough to hold her.  She wedged her foot into crevices, always reaching. Continue reading “Cera’s Fruit of Life”

Ocean trinkets – Art & Craft

A burst of inspiration struck this afternoon.  We collected shells on the beach during a trip to Diani, and we had this huge bag of shells we didn’t know what to do with.  Anyway, the inspiration came from browsing pinterest, and finding these great seaside jars made over at Completely-Coastal. So, got to work collectingContinue reading “Ocean trinkets – Art & Craft”

Chasing the Sunset to Eldoret

Took a road trip to Eldoret, KE this week.  There were so many pictures that I thought it’s best to just share them on the blog.  So, here are sights from our beautiful, lush countryside! A lake to purposely visit Shades of Sunset Gallery. We were heading west, so each town tended to have it’sContinue reading “Chasing the Sunset to Eldoret”

Life on the Fast Track – 21

Chapter 21 – This is what the future looks like Jasmine wanted to fight Danny.  She wanted to stay angry at Danny.  Angry at him for making her live through a sleepless night worrying the worst had happened.  Yet, seeing his face, his eyes filled with sincere worry, all she could think was, ‘thank goodnessContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 21”

Life on the Fast Track – 20

I Accept you…and all your flaws, but we must understand each other Jasmine drove up to her house, slowing down when she saw Danny’s car parked next to her mother’s jeep.  She had known he would come.  She had not anticipated that he would find her mother.  She sighed and parked behind his car. GettingContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 20”