How to Invest in Real Estate in Kenya by Kariuki Waweru

On this post, we celebrate and feature one of Kenya’s Registered Valuers, Kariuki Waweru. He has written an invaluable book on How To Invest in Real Estate in Kenya. This book has a wealth of information on how to invest, tips on home ownership in Kenya and how to navigate the confusing world of loansContinue reading “How to Invest in Real Estate in Kenya by Kariuki Waweru”

Humphrey Osoro – Comic Artist & Graphic Designer in Kenya

Are you curious about what it’s like to be a Comic Artist and Graphic designer in Kenya? I’m excited to feature Humphrey Osoro who fits both of these titles. There was a time I thought I’d try to be a comic artist ( manga-ka – CLAMP had inspired me at the time) but the drawingContinue reading “Humphrey Osoro – Comic Artist & Graphic Designer in Kenya”

5 Ways to Create a Book Cover in Kenya

Do you want to create a book cover for your completed book, and don’t know where to start? Check out these five ideas to get you going. Once you have your book title, it’s time to create a cover for your book. The following five options will get you started. Online Resources Canva isContinue reading “5 Ways to Create a Book Cover in Kenya”

Zuri Kabinda: Sweet and Lemon/Family Relations -1

Zuri spent her Monday morning sorting out receipts and logging them into her accounting system.  It was her least favorite activity but a necessary one for her business records.  She’d found those records useful when she needed to get a loan from her bank.  Moving closer to her desk, she stared at a receipt fromContinue reading “Zuri Kabinda: Sweet and Lemon/Family Relations -1”

Book Covers – Featured Amari’s Puff Pastry

Delicious Inspiration! We (my sis + me) have been working on industry books these past months, and I would like to share a bit of that journey on this blog from now on. You might find a Book Cover feature, or a story on the insane experiences we get dealing with our printer, mingled inContinue reading “Book Covers – Featured Amari’s Puff Pastry”

Where to start – Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing in Kenya?

Self-Publishing is a great word in Nairobi! A reader sent me a message and told me, ‘ I have a THING for words.. I have been low-key writing for a while now, and I think its time the world gets a piece of my taste and style.’ Inspired words if I ever heard any!Continue reading “Where to start – Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing in Kenya?”

Zuri Kabinda : The Birthday Party – Part 3

Heavy rain woke Zuri from a deep sleep.  She sat up on her bed, rubbing her eyes as she tried to shake off vague dreams.  Rain pounding on her window cleared the remaining cobwebs. “No, no,” she said, as she bounded out of bed to her window. Throwing back the curtains, she stared at theContinue reading “Zuri Kabinda : The Birthday Party – Part 3”

Zuri Kabinda: The Birthday Party – Part 2

Airi to the Rescue That evening, back in her one bedroom apartment, Zuri grabbed her towel from the foot of her bed and turned to Sonnie. “Where are we going again?” “You’re not the only one with problems.  Airi called me earlier.” Zuri groaned.  “What’s wrong now?” “Her boyfriend has flown out of the countryContinue reading “Zuri Kabinda: The Birthday Party – Part 2”

Zuri Kabinda: The Birthday Party – Part 1

“Please.” Such a simple word, a pleading word, Zuri Kabinda thought as she said it again. “Please give me time.  I will make the payment in two weeks.” “Miss Kabinda, why did you let it get this bad?” Sylvia, her loan officer, asked. The woman spoke as though she hadn’t made her payments on time. Continue reading “Zuri Kabinda: The Birthday Party – Part 1”

Life on the Fast Track – Track 23 (Final)

Track 23 – Our Life Together Danny drove Jasmine home, after calling Jimmy to pick up her car. Ignoring the messy dining table, she sat on the couch and took the glass of water Danny got her.  After, he sat with her and she told him about Daryl’s situation with their father. “He makes it hardContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – Track 23 (Final)”