Koya’s Choice – 2

Two – A Mother’s Love Charlie was leaving. Koya shifted in her seat to face him. “Uhm…” “My mother is afraid I’ll end up like Tony,” Charlie explained. “She asked my father to take me with him.” “Turn out like Tony?” Koya frowned. “You’re not Tony, Charlie.” “She’s my mother. I can’t fight her onContinue reading “Koya’s Choice – 2”

The Zanzibar Affair – Book Review

The Zanzibar Affair Author: Samantha Ford Publisher: Moulin Publications (April 26, 2012) Buy it Here: The Zanzibar Affair on Amazon An enduring, sophisticated love story spanning decades and three continents. Set against a spectacular backdrop of Safari Africa, New York and France, the love stories from Africa are the very essence of this remarkable debut novel.Continue reading “The Zanzibar Affair – Book Review”