How to Invest in Real Estate in Kenya by Kariuki Waweru

On this post, we celebrate and feature one of Kenya’s Registered Valuers, Kariuki Waweru. He has written an invaluable book on How To Invest in Real Estate in Kenya. This book has a wealth of information on how to invest, tips on home ownership in Kenya and how to navigate the confusing world of loansContinue reading “How to Invest in Real Estate in Kenya by Kariuki Waweru”

How to get an ISBN in Kenya.

Assigning an ISBN number to your book in Kenya Get an account with the Kenya National Library Service(KNLS)  ISBN service here: ISBN website Create a Profile, adding important personal details.  Please note we did this as a Publishing Co., (request information if you want to do this as an individual.) Once  you are set up,Continue reading “How to get an ISBN in Kenya.”