A Savage Need fills the mind,

the heart, the body,

Violently tight, deep inside,

still, can’t break through,

to the other side.


the other side seems happy,

filled with smiles,

in their minds,

their hearts, I think,

‘Why can’t I break through 

to the other side?’

Yes…this woman

she’s a child in mind,

Still waiting inside,

for consent to break through

to the other side…




You I Love -I’ll Always Remember

When those we love are gone,

The pain like a deep hole, inflates so wide,

A new world starts, one without, a world alone,

Still…no one knows or understands,

This pain, how it yawns ahead like an abyss…


When those we love are gone,

One, Two, then Three years,

We think of them, heart filled with longing,

The pain changed, become acute desire,

Just to remember a smile, a laugh, a wise word,

The longing grows, day by day, it grows…

Still…no one knows or understands,

How that longing lives in every moment.


When those we love are gone,

Five, Ten or even Twenty years,

The longing turned to quiet acceptance,

Now…the memories of you, full of nostalgia,

Fill my days and nights, sweet remembrance.

I think of you, and wonder,

What you’d think of me, had you stayed.

The world has changed since you’ve been gone,

Still…no one knows or understands,

How you remain in my thoughts and actions,


You I love, 

Even though you’re gone.


For my family, as you go through this hard time

– all my love.

See Me

see meSee Me

Would you see me, If we had the same skin?

Would you hear me, If I talked like you?

Would you get me, If my ideas were yours too?

Would you hold my hand, If I offered to hold yours?

Would you dance with me, If I listened to your music?

Would you…., would you….Love me,

despite my insecurities?

Despite the fact that I don’t know,

If I can talk like you, think as you do,

Or even dance to your music?

Would you love me,

Just because I’m Me?

Love like Fruits & Veggies


Love like Fruits & Veggies

My Sweet Potato, Sugarplum,

Honey and strawberry,

I think of nothing but you,

My delicious pumpkin,

So soft, like a papaya

Oh you make me,

crazy like a lemon,

I simply can’t forget you,

My wonderful Arrow root

lets meet in the garden,

That place where the bananas grow.


For Letty, and her gardener…. ^_^



Mint & Spice


Mint & Spice

You sat next to me,

In the bus heading home,

Your scent; Mint & Spice,

made me wish you’d move closer.

Your thigh brushed mine,

firm, strong: made me wonder,

about you.

Are you Strong?

Are you firm…in your decisions?

The bus went too fast,

Rocked us all over a bump,

I swayed, you steadied me with a chuckle,

the sound of it, so carefree.

When I finally looked at you,

I almost gaped in shock,

Your teeth were black as night,

and all my flowery thoughts,

flew out the window.

I came out a stop away from my usual,

And chastised my imagination,

for making you a wondrous prince,

with just the scent of

Mint & Spice.

Rain on Me

Rain on Me


Fat drops, land on my face,

Cold kiss, sharp kiss,

Startling, refreshing

I shiver;

Minutes pass,

I’m soaking wet.

Still, the drops fall,


I want it to stop,

Wish it would stop,

But the rain turns gentle,

the cold wetness comforting,

that pattering;

Drops dancing on each and every surface,

Like music.

I don’t want it to end.

I want the rain on me,

for a little while longer.



A great big wall stands,

Between you and I,

Every time I think I can,

Scale that wall,

I start out with enthusiasm,

Grappling from hold to hold,

Some days I reach halfway,

Other days, I get to the top,

Then, Doubt; that masterful enemy,

Fills me and I slide down,

Once again,

We’re Separated,

By this great big wall.

this African Girl

This Girl,

she stands,

ready to face the world.

She stands,

with her head held high,

facing you, facing me,

facing countless faces.

In a crowd, a class, on the street,

she stands,

up to judgment,

against the hate,

despite the constraints,

holding on to the support,

she finds in those who value her the most.

She stands,

this African Girl,

She Stands.

Lake Nakuru