The Virgin Journey – Book Review

The Virgin Journey Book Review Gary Stokes is a struggling young American, who then lands a job with a press bureau based in East Africa and an expatriate is born.¬† Gary moves to Kenya, meets a fellow reporter, Guy, who helps him adjust to his new life.¬† Cue in intimidating government officials, unmovable landlords, andContinue reading “The Virgin Journey – Book Review”

The Bachelorette Diaries : 2012 – Book Review

The Bachelorette Diaries : 2012 Shiri Golan has found the perfect man at last, but one day skeletons start crawling out of his closet hauling with them betrayal, a dark past and deadly secrets. Hurt, betrayed and seeking vengeance, Shiri finds herself caught between forgiveness and justice. As she lives on, she discovers that, obliviousContinue reading “The Bachelorette Diaries : 2012 – Book Review”

Fire by Dora Okeyo – Book Review

Fire by Dora Okeyo A boy is born in the land of Leo. As the sound of the cattle horn is heard, everyone in the Kingdom celebrates the birth of not only a boy, but the Crown Prince. His name is Ustawi. The hands that hold him foretell a prosperous future, but just like everyContinue reading “Fire by Dora Okeyo – Book Review”

The Zanzibar Affair – Book Review

The Zanzibar Affair Author: Samantha Ford Publisher: Moulin Publications (April 26, 2012) Buy it Here: The Zanzibar Affair on Amazon An enduring,¬†sophisticated love story spanning decades and three continents. Set against a spectacular backdrop of Safari Africa, New York and France, the love stories from Africa are the very essence of this remarkable debut novel.Continue reading “The Zanzibar Affair – Book Review”

I Love You this Much – Dora Okeyo

I Love You This Much by Dora Okeyo Summary: Leila is alive and in-love with Maxwell; but he’s only some memory, or is he? Nancy loves William. He doesn’t love her though, because he is not the same-not since the accident; and all four are tangled in a web, one that’s created by one ofContinue reading “I Love You this Much – Dora Okeyo”