Zuri Kabinda: Sweet & Lemon/ Big Numbers and Li’l Sisters – 2

“We have a two-day conference to be held at the St. John Riruta hall.  We’ve invited a hundred people to participate from the surrounding area.  I have to handle the program from the office.  I need you to help me handle venue logistics, food, and everything else.” A hundred people, Zuri smiled.  She loved bigContinue reading “Zuri Kabinda: Sweet & Lemon/ Big Numbers and Li’l Sisters – 2”

Zuri Kabinda : The Birthday Party – Part 3

Heavy rain woke Zuri from a deep sleep.  She sat up on her bed, rubbing her eyes as she tried to shake off vague dreams.  Rain pounding on her window cleared the remaining cobwebs. “No, no,” she said, as she bounded out of bed to her window. Throwing back the curtains, she stared at theContinue reading “Zuri Kabinda : The Birthday Party – Part 3”

Zuri Kabinda: The Birthday Party – Part 2

Airi to the Rescue That evening, back in her one bedroom apartment, Zuri grabbed her towel from the foot of her bed and turned to Sonnie. “Where are we going again?” “You’re not the only one with problems.  Airi called me earlier.” Zuri groaned.  “What’s wrong now?” “Her boyfriend has flown out of the countryContinue reading “Zuri Kabinda: The Birthday Party – Part 2”