4 Questions to Ask Before You Self-Publish in Kenya

First question, Are you a writer? You’re a writer if you fill notebooks with stories and random thoughts that could be stories. If your laptop/PC is full of files of stories you’ve written. You wonder why publishing can’t get easier in Kenya. You get jealous every time you see that Saturday story running on theContinue reading “4 Questions to Ask Before You Self-Publish in Kenya”

Writing Resources – Quick Edits – Grammar and Punctuation

Quick Edits This  post will help you edit and format your work as you write. Grammar and Punctuation. Direct Speech a. We use speech marks (” “) at the beginning and end of the words that a person says, including the sentence punctuation. For example: “Are you going home?” – The question mark is includedContinue reading “Writing Resources – Quick Edits – Grammar and Punctuation”

Writing Resources: Conflict and Why It’s Important

Conflict! You need it in a story, and it has to have purpose. Different types of Conflict Man Vs. Man Man Vs. Man is the most common Conflict.  Your character having a villain in his life who just wants to cause trouble.  This is the conflict used with most superhero stories, supernatural stories, and evenContinue reading “Writing Resources: Conflict and Why It’s Important”