Picture Perfect 6

Chapter 6 “Victoria, you ran off,” Eric accused when he reached them. “How can you leave me to my own devices?” “You were getting along quite fine.” She sipped her drink and glanced at Olive. “This is my best friend, Olive. She’s a doctor at the Nairobi hospital. If you ever need a check-up, she’sContinue reading “Picture Perfect 6”

Picture Perfect 5

Picture Perfect 5   An hour later, leaning on a tree in the gorgeous garden belonging to Taylor’s aunt, Victoria watched Eric focus his lens on a laughing Beth. They were standing by a bush of pink roses, Beth holding one up to her nose. Her wedding dress gorgeous in the afternoon sun. Victoria wonderedContinue reading “Picture Perfect 5”

Picture Perfect 4

Chapter 4 Eric focused his lens on Beth as she prepared for her wedding. He locked away his emotions, snapping pictures as the woman doing Beth’s make-up ran a brush over her soft brown skin. He shifted angles and concentrated on capturing Beth on the most important day of her life. Her dress was stunning.Continue reading “Picture Perfect 4”

7 Things to Know when Self-Publishing on Smashwords in Kenya

About Smashwords.com Smashwords is a global ebook distributor serving authors, publishers, readers and major ebook retailers. Smashwords is ideal for publishing novels, personal memoirs, poetry chapbooks, short and long-form fiction, and non-fiction. If you’ve written it, we want to help you share it and sell it!  We distribute books to Apple iBooks (51 countries), BarnesContinue reading “7 Things to Know when Self-Publishing on Smashwords in Kenya”

Choosing a Genre for Your Fiction in Kenya

What is a Fiction Genre? It is a fiction classification based on content, setting, and mood of the story.  A book may fit more than one genres but most times a story leans to one type of genre. Why is it important to choose a genre when you write Fiction? Choosing a genre helps you focusContinue reading “Choosing a Genre for Your Fiction in Kenya”

Picture Perfect 2

Chapter Two Eric Kabuto was at a disadvantage.  He worked hard to escape sobbing women unless it was his mother or four sisters.  The experience of dealing with the women in his family had taught him that a woman’s tears were a powerful weapon. The woman at his feet buried her face in her handsContinue reading “Picture Perfect 2”

Writing Resources – Quick Edits – Grammar and Punctuation

Quick Edits This  post will help you edit and format your work as you write. Grammar and Punctuation. Direct Speech a. We use speech marks (” “) at the beginning and end of the words that a person says, including the sentence punctuation. For example: “Are you going home?” – The question mark is includedContinue reading “Writing Resources – Quick Edits – Grammar and Punctuation”

Writing Resources: Self Publishing in Nairobi- What it Takes.

Hey, Hey, Hey! I got emails asking a lot of questions on how self-publishing works.  How to do it, and why.  So, I thought this post might answer all these questions at once. Publishing in Nairobi, and I mean like getting a hard copy-honest to goodness paper book is a journey. It requires your commitmentContinue reading “Writing Resources: Self Publishing in Nairobi- What it Takes.”

Writing Resources: Conflict and Why It’s Important

Conflict! You need it in a story, and it has to have purpose. Different types of Conflict Man Vs. Man Man Vs. Man is the most common Conflict.  Your character having a villain in his life who just wants to cause trouble.  This is the conflict used with most superhero stories, supernatural stories, and evenContinue reading “Writing Resources: Conflict and Why It’s Important”