Koya’s Choice – 2

Two – A Mother’s Love Charlie was leaving. Koya shifted in her seat to face him. “Uhm…” “My mother is afraid I’ll end up like Tony,” Charlie explained. “She asked my father to take me with him.” “Turn out like Tony?” Koya frowned. “You’re not Tony, Charlie.” “She’s my mother. I can’t fight her onContinue reading “Koya’s Choice – 2”

Picture Perfect 3

Chapter Three Victoria sat in the waiting room on Thursday morning, fighting anxiety as she waited for her doctor’s appointment.  She’d called her doctor the same day Grace told her about Ronald.  Olive had insisted she come in the evening after work.  They’d taken her blood for testing, her anxiety had started building from thatContinue reading “Picture Perfect 3”

Picture Perfect 1

Chapter One Dinner for one, Victoria thought with a sigh as she stared at the clean plate across her. This wasn’t the first time her boyfriend had canceled on her.  She chewed the spicy piece of chicken she’d spent hours marinating and swallowed it along with the lump in her throat.  She’d made dinner thinkingContinue reading “Picture Perfect 1”