Life on the Fast Track – 21

Chapter 21 – This is what the future looks like Jasmine wanted to fight Danny.  She wanted to stay angry at Danny.  Angry at him for making her live through a sleepless night worrying the worst had happened.  Yet, seeing his face, his eyes filled with sincere worry, all she could think was, ‘thank goodnessContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 21”

Life on the Fast Track – 12

12 – I know My Best Friend’s got my Back Jasmine’s phone buzzed and she smiled when she checked her messenger.  Danny was checking in on her.  They had not seen each other for a week since he dropped her food at work.  But, he called and replied messages when she wrote them.  A littleContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 12”

I Dream of You – Free Story

I Dream of You by Elly Kamari Summary: Janet Kerira has been dating Timothy for a year and a half and he’s never told he loves her. On Valentine’s Day, she spends the day worrying because Timothy hasn’t called her for four days. He left on an assignment four days ago and hasn’t called, messagedContinue reading “I Dream of You – Free Story”