Life on the Fast Track – 12

12 – I know My Best Friend’s got my Back Jasmine’s phone buzzed and she smiled when she checked her messenger.  Danny was checking in on her.  They had not seen each other for a week since he dropped her food at work.  But, he called and replied messages when she wrote them.  A littleContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 12”

Writing Resources – Plotting Romance Novels in Nairobi

I’m in a dream that one of these days I’m going to walk into a Nairobi bookshop and find a full aisle filled with romance novels, or fiction set in Nairobi.  So all of you shy Kenyan Fiction Writers, typing away in the middle of the night in your houses, get creative, even though youContinue reading “Writing Resources – Plotting Romance Novels in Nairobi”