Have a Nice Day….

Prompt: Let’s have some fun, and go to a Rock Concert!!  Whatever rocks your boat. Yeah!! Write 1,000 about this. Have a Nice Day…. Hunter picked up his guitar cases from the minivan’s floor, and scowled when the snap broke and the case opened. He knelt on the tarmac, and placed the case on theContinue reading “Have a Nice Day….”

Between Death and Heaven – Book Review

Exciting! This blog now has 100 posts! I have had a hundred things to say apparently.  I can’t wait to reach 200 posts, but for today, I celebrate the small victories. And the Hundredth Post is….. A book Review! Between Death and Heaven by Annemarie Musawale What happens after we die? A vindictive ex-girlfriend (maybe,Continue reading “Between Death and Heaven – Book Review”

A Tail of Tissue Paper

A Tail of Tissue Paper Helena adjusted her ponytail, tugging on a wayward braid to set it right. She’d slathered on lipstick today, staring into the mirror, Helena wished she’d chosen the pink instead of the cherry red. Oh well, she shrugged her shoulders and washed her hands in the sink. Drying her hands off,Continue reading “A Tail of Tissue Paper”

The Man named Bobby

A Man Named Bobby There was a man who lived in a not so distant past. I will call him Bobby. Bobby was born into a poor family, the first of seven siblings. The one his parents put their faith on, that he would bring good fortune to the family. Bobby lived as a goodContinue reading “The Man named Bobby”

Fire by Dora Okeyo

Fire by Dora Okeyo A boy is born in the land of Leo. As the sound of the cattle horn is heard, everyone in the Kingdom celebrates the birth of not only a boy, but the Crown Prince. His name is Ustawi. The hands that hold him foretell a prosperous future, but just like everyContinue reading “Fire by Dora Okeyo”

Choosing a Genre for Your Fiction in Kenya

What is a Fiction Genre? It is a fiction classification based on content, setting, and mood of the story.  A book may fit more than one genres but most times a story leans to one type of genre. Why is it important to choose a genre when you write Fiction? Choosing a genre helps you focusContinue reading “Choosing a Genre for Your Fiction in Kenya”