Poetry Wonder at the CakeFest254 2016

The Nairobi Cake Festival 2016 was this year held at the Kenya Wildlife Service Grounds!  Unlike last year, this time the weather cooperated.  And the Venue was Fantastic! Once again, I was attending as part of the Cake Providers.  Maureen and I had a really nice tent, Amari Quickbreads was set up for the day, and boy did we serve cake.

Say, “Hi, have some Apple Cinnamon Cake today,” Five times, maybe ten, uhm…twenty, then thirty…At some point, someone was like, say what? Say that again, coz I had messed it up to Apple Cinnamony…Apple Cake…Cinnamon Apple….Cinna….lolz.

I had a blast!

Our Tent was fantabulous, we got loads of visitors wanting to know more about Amari and of course we were representing Cookswell Jikos too.   I want to give a grateful shout out to SafiServe who brought us the blue gloves you see my Sis wearing.  They placed us on top with Food Safety, which is really important. Check out Safi Serve, and learn more about the good work they are doing across Nairobi.

Maureen looking fabulous after a very successful Cake Festival 2016.  She had baked all night before this, and you can’t even tell, right!  Love you, Sis ^_^

cakefest 032


When the cake dishing out exercise was out, I got a chance to check out the competition!  Wow, Bakers have great imagination.  Here are some pieces that jumped out at me.

I got to the Teapot and teacup after someone had a taste! ^_^

cakefest 064

Imagination took over here.  I kept thinking of exotic plants in all the SciFi books I’ve ever read for this one.↑

cakefest 050

The Watermelon Cake that had us all waiting for a piece↓….Just loved how vibrant this cake looked on the inside!  This lady made my day when she decided to cut the cake so we could see the inside.

cakefest 092

cakefest 087cakefest 086






cakefest 089

Poetry Magic

When the day was over, we decided to walk around and see the show.  While taking cake pictures, this band came on and stole my heart.  I love a good poetry slam session, and this guy delivered.  He was great with the rolling words, his spoken word captured the soul, down to the toes…and the roars when the guitar riffs hit right!  Yeah, I had my guitar fix, and the day was complete!

The Nairobi Cake Festival has grown in the last few years.  This festival is quickly growing into a wonderful creative pool.  Festival goers get to meet Great Big Cake Houses, as well as Small Bakers with Big Dreams just starting out.  I felt inspired walking from tent to tent, seeing so many people with creative ideas, working to showcase their businesses.  Speaking of creative, these guys made me smile.  In a sea of cake, they brought out the jerseys, their art, and a dash of taste. Cocktails anyone?  Loved their flare. Thumbs up pun-tees.com

cakefest 105

Cake Fest 254 2016 in a nutshell?

It was Cake, Celebrating Achievements, Having Fun, Meeting New Friends, Hanging with New Friends, Creativity at its fullest, and of course, Great Music….loving the band at the end!

The Ladies Posing after a Hard Day’s work!

Check out these Links to learn more about Cake Festival Nairobi:

Cake Festival Nairobi

Edumed Trust – It’s all about taking kids to school, join the Cake Festival Next Year.

Safi Serve – These guys are the stuff! We need more of what they’re doing for Restaurants/ Hotels/ Food Industry

Amari Bakery – Plugging the day job here….^_^

Cookswell Jikos



Poetry Week Ends – Recap

Poetry Week Ends!

I’m kind of sad about that because there are so many poems.  I found so many that I don’t think I could reach the end in the next five years.  There are a lot of poets from Kenya out there, quietly posting their work and talent on their blogs.  Which made me think that I should have a Blogs Week soon.

Here’s  a Recap of the Poems I got to check out this week.

Poetry Week Poems/ Lyrics

1. Ask My Shoes by H_Art the Band.

2. You Break My Heart by Nakitare

3. I’m Not Yours to Fix by Namatsi Lukoye

4. Obsession by Maureen

5. Demons of Her Love by Njau Njeru

6. Meditations of a Father by Salem Lorot

I hope you had as much fun as I did.  Great Talent all round!

Poetry Week – Maureen’s Obsession

Poetry Floweth! 

Here’s another poem that’s crossed my desk.  This one is by a fabulous lady who is an emerging entrepreneur.  Her name is Maureen and you can visit her blog to learn more about the struggle that is sustaining a business in Nairobi. She has great insight on how to face some of those struggles you meet when you’re running a business, or starting one, or even ending one.  Give it a check,  here’s the Blog.

Obsession by Maureen

It’s got me tripping,

Think I’m slipping,

This fixation,

So totally distracting,

No Relaxation,

Crazy how I’m reacting,

It’s all consuming,

I’m shaking,

So uncontrollable,

I’ve tried resuming,

But that seems unattainable,

It’s officially a mania,

My complete obsession,

Pales in contrast to Lawrence of Arabia,

It now has full Possession.


Poetry Week Thoughts:

This poem can describe anything you’re crazy about in life.  Be it books, writing in my case, love, business, a sport, your family, a vice,…the list goes on.  Is there something in your life that you just can’t stop?  This poem makes me think of that thing.

My Nairobi, My City : Maureen Kamari

Mo in deep thoughtOur first Interview on the My Nairobi, My City goes to someone I know very well.  Her name is Maureen Kamari and she’s the founder and owner of Amari Bakery in Nairobi.  She was born in Nairobi, grew up in the Waithaka/Riruta area.  Her primary education was in Nairobi Primary School, which she remembers fondly because she made lasting friendships.  She left the city for a few years, and did her high school and college abroad.  She returned six years ago to start a business in this beautiful sunny city.  Here’s what she has to say about her Nairobi.

Elly in Nairobi: Describe your Nairobi?  How do you see Nairobi from your perspective?

Maureen: My Nairobi is beautiful, grimy, busy, fashionable, tough and oh so loveable.

Elly in Nairobi: What is your favorite place/ spot in Nairobi city?

Maureen: Driving in a car in Nairobi, listening to music and watching all the activity in the city as I go by.

Elly in Nairobi: How would you describe yourself in Nairobi city?

Maureen: When I’m in Nairobi, I feel excited, motivated, renewed & inspired.  All those things rolled into one.

Elly in Nairobi: What feeling does Nairobi give you?

Maureen: I feel nostalgic, hopeful and happiness because to me, Nairobi is home, and the place I’m most comfortable. 

Elly in Nairobi: How do you feel about your fellow Nairobians?

Maureen: I feel one with them, although there are times I don’t always understand them, I feel our unity as a city is unquestionable.   When it comes to certain situations you always feel you can find another Nairobian who’ll understand it.

Elly in Nairobi: What is the best thing about Nairobi? What is the Worst?

Maureen: The Best is the People.  Nairobians are so open-minded and just energetic.  The Worst thing about Nairobi is the Corruption.

Elly in Nairobi: Tell us more about what you do and how that has changed your view of the city?

Maureen: I bake.  I run a small business in Nairobi.  I have met amazing people that inspire me to do great things and who keep me  going even when I feel I’m going to give up.  They’ll come into my shop and tell me, “This is a great job you’re doing, great job, keep going. We like coming here and seeing you doing well.” And that keeps me motivated.

Elly in Nairobi: What would you tell others about your Nairobi?

Maureen: She’s the best city ever!  But you have to be build tough to survive her.


Nduts yellow cake

She’s made me cakes for my birthday since I can remember and that always makes me feel very special. Maureen’s Bakery is located along Kikuyu Road in Nairobi.  Visit her shop or order cakes online and she’ll deliver to you.




Amari Bakery, Kikuyu Road, Beulah Plaza, shop no. 2.

Visit her website: http://www.amari.co.ke or her blog http://www.quickbreads.blogspot.com

Do you have questions? Ask them and we’ll get the answers for you.