Life on the Fast Track – 2

Track 2: The Situation as it is, is not what you See A white fluffy cat jumped up on the kitchen counter when Jasmine walked into the kitchen.  She purred loudly and Jasmine chuckled. “I know you’re hungry, Min.  So am I.  What do you think we should eat?” Jasmine went to the refrigerator, staringContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 2”

Life on the Fast Track – 1

Track 1: The Unexpected Loud rock music filled the garage.  Crashing guitars and drums accompanied by screaming vocals, how anyone could appreciate this stuff was unbelievable. “Danny!  Holy Virgin, how can you exist like this?  You’ll never get a wife.” The song ended and Danny got the last part of the comment.  Sliding out fromContinue reading “Life on the Fast Track – 1”