Volunteering at the Storymoja Hay Festival – Kenyans on Youtube

Research on Youtube/Vimeo June was full of research for us volunteers.  The Storymoja Hay Festival had us looking at Youtube/Vimeo and the impact it has in terms of business and entertainment.  So, June was full of education for me. It’s interesting working in a group, I feel like I’ve been running solo for a while, andContinue reading “Volunteering at the Storymoja Hay Festival – Kenyans on Youtube”

Blog Week: Kenyan Trep Lady & Amari

Kenyan Trep Lady on Blog Week. This blog is by a lady named Bilha.  She’s a baker and an entrepreneur.  She shares the hustles she’s experienced doing business in Kenya and the challenges you’ll face when you decide to start a business in Kenya.  The Trep in the Kenyan Trep Lady stands for Entrepreneurship.  So,Continue reading “Blog Week: Kenyan Trep Lady & Amari”