The Changing Tide

Places: Beaches, Mountains, Forests or somewhere else you like…Write a story inspired by the place you like most. The Changing Tide Enya loved her hometown. She’d lived in the same stone ranch house all her life, with her mother and siblings: a nice three bedroom house that she loved to bits. Her hometown was situatedContinue reading “The Changing Tide”

EA Friday Feature – Prompt Week #2

The EA Friday Feature: Write a story of only 1,000 words using the prompt given.  Post it on your blog on Fridays and share the posts of fellow bloggers participating in the feature. Participating Bloggers: Nilichoandika Flashes of Vice Children of Destiny Books Love in Nairobi Week #2- Prompt is: Places: Beaches, Mountains, Forests orContinue reading “EA Friday Feature – Prompt Week #2”

A Tail of Tissue Paper

A Tail of Tissue Paper Helena adjusted her ponytail, tugging on a wayward braid to set it right. She’d slathered on lipstick today, staring into the mirror, Helena wished she’d chosen the pink instead of the cherry red. Oh well, she shrugged her shoulders and washed her hands in the sink. Drying her hands off,Continue reading “A Tail of Tissue Paper”