Koya’s Choice – 6

6 – Living, living…really, I’m living Koya reached for her cell phone. She glanced at the caller ID and sat up in her seat. “Musa,” she answered. Our client is not happy. He wants to promote vacations; you’re making that difficult, why?” “I’m not, Miss Koya,” Musa said. “We’re reworking the pictures as we speak.Continue reading “Koya’s Choice – 6”

Koya’s Choice – 5

5 – Moving Forward, A Tree Arrives Eight years later Avenue Advertising was celebrating five years of business with style. The company now boasted spacious offices in Westlands, with a workforce of over fifty employees. A young woman, in her early twenties walked with purpose along the main corridor. She carried a fresh mug ofContinue reading “Koya’s Choice – 5”

Koya’s Choice – 2

Two – A Mother’s Love Charlie was leaving. Koya shifted in her seat to face him. “Uhm…” “My mother is afraid I’ll end up like Tony,” Charlie explained. “She asked my father to take me with him.” “Turn out like Tony?” Koya frowned. “You’re not Tony, Charlie.” “She’s my mother. I can’t fight her onContinue reading “Koya’s Choice – 2”

Koya’s Choice – 1

One – The Start of the End A broken sob caught his attention. Charlie turned to his right to see his mother cry into a pristine white handkerchief. Her tears endless, her sobs heart wrenching. She cried for her first-born child, Tony. The one she loved more, he thought. His father stood beside his mother,Continue reading “Koya’s Choice – 1”