The Girl with the Golden Smile – Final

Part 8 – On Love, Waiting & Realization The thing with love, Nicholas thought, is that it didn’t come like in the movies. There was no spark, no wave to wash over the heart like magic. Love at first sight, he scoffed.  Yeah right. He’d never subscribed to that piece of lunacy. All he knewContinue reading “The Girl with the Golden Smile – Final”

Have a Nice Day….

Prompt: Let’s have some fun, and go to a Rock Concert!!  Whatever rocks your boat. Yeah!! Write 1,000 about this. Have a Nice Day…. Hunter picked up his guitar cases from the minivan’s floor, and scowled when the snap broke and the case opened. He knelt on the tarmac, and placed the case on theContinue reading “Have a Nice Day….”

Picture Perfect 10

Chapter 10 Eric smiled when Victoria gave a small gasp when he opened the door to reveal stairs that led to the upper floor of the building. “You have an upstairs,” she said in awe as he led her up the short steps. “Yes, I got the space two years ago. I use it asContinue reading “Picture Perfect 10”

Picture Perfect 2

Chapter Two Eric Kabuto was at a disadvantage.  He worked hard to escape sobbing women unless it was his mother or four sisters.  The experience of dealing with the women in his family had taught him that a woman’s tears were a powerful weapon. The woman at his feet buried her face in her handsContinue reading “Picture Perfect 2”

Writing Resources – Plotting Romance Novels in Nairobi

I’m in a dream that one of these days I’m going to walk into a Nairobi bookshop and find a full aisle filled with romance novels, or fiction set in Nairobi.  So all of you shy Kenyan Fiction Writers, typing away in the middle of the night in your houses, get creative, even though youContinue reading “Writing Resources – Plotting Romance Novels in Nairobi”

Writing Resources – Creating Characters in Nairobi

I love writing Fiction, and as a result, I’m always on the prowl for new tricks to use to make my writing better.  This week, I’ll share some of those articles that are useful, entertaining, mind boggling and a bit intimidating.  This Writer in Nairobi wishes there were more chances to attend Creative Writing Seminars,Continue reading “Writing Resources – Creating Characters in Nairobi”