Koya’s Choice – 12

12 – The Past starts to take A Backseat Koya let go of Kim’s arm and stalked forward, intent on punching Charlie.  The bastard, how dare he— “Hold it,” Kim said, tightening his arm around her waist.  He restrained her against him. She struggled for a minute but then stopped when she realized people were watchingContinue reading “Koya’s Choice – 12”

Koya’s Choice – 11

11 – I Miss You, I Hate You, I Love You Koya glanced up to see Adele and a man dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans walking toward them. “Oh no, here comes Addie,” she said with a groan. Kim chuckled and bumped her arm with his shoulder. “She’s harmless,” he teased. Koya shookContinue reading “Koya’s Choice – 11”

Koya’s Choice – 9

The Odds and Ends…daily life… Late Friday afternoon, Koya sat at her desk in her office reading the contract Mahali Travels had sent her.  A soft knock came, and she glanced up to see Hana walk in carrying a rolled up poster.  Koya smiled in greeting at her cousin.  Hana came to her desk andContinue reading “Koya’s Choice – 9”

Picture Perfect 15

Chapter 15 Sunday afternoon, Victoria parked her car in the parking lot and got out with a groan.  She was exhausted and her clothes were dirty.  Opening the trunk, she removed a kiondo filled with vegetables: her mother’s care package after the work-filled weekend.  She’d spent her weekend at her family farm in Kinoo helpingContinue reading “Picture Perfect 15”

Koya’s Choice – 8

Chapter 8 – I Remember, Do you? Nairobi had changed in eight years. The city had grown, expanding its wings to the surrounding towns, boasting bigger and better buildings. Charles Dhali found it exciting. He’d grown too. Eight years in the outside world, learning business under his father, he’d had no choice but to growContinue reading “Koya’s Choice – 8”

Koya’s Choice – 7

Chapter 7 -Besties forever The Kalaha club along Naivasha road was Koya’s pride and joy. It had taken her two years to open it. Koya could still hear her father protesting against opening the club. She’d managed to convince him to accept the idea. Now the club was thriving and she loved visiting it afterContinue reading “Koya’s Choice – 7”

Koya’s Choice – 6

6 – Living, living…really, I’m living Koya reached for her cell phone. She glanced at the caller ID and sat up in her seat. “Musa,” she answered. Our client is not happy. He wants to promote vacations; you’re making that difficult, why?” “I’m not, Miss Koya,” Musa said. “We’re reworking the pictures as we speak.Continue reading “Koya’s Choice – 6”

Koya’s Choice – 5

5 – Moving Forward, A Tree Arrives Eight years later Avenue Advertising was celebrating five years of business with style. The company now boasted spacious offices in Westlands, with a workforce of over fifty employees. A young woman, in her early twenties walked with purpose along the main corridor. She carried a fresh mug ofContinue reading “Koya’s Choice – 5”

Koya’s Choice – 4

Chapter 4 – A Letter Ashi wrapped an arm around Koya’s waist. Koya was grateful as it rather felt like she’d fall on her face. Kim stood glaring after the black Mercedes, his fists clenched. All Koya could think was that Charlie needed help. He was hurting, she’d seen that in his eyes. There wasContinue reading “Koya’s Choice – 4”

Koya’s Choice – 1

One – The Start of the End A broken sob caught his attention. Charlie turned to his right to see his mother cry into a pristine white handkerchief. Her tears endless, her sobs heart wrenching. She cried for her first-born child, Tony. The one she loved more, he thought. His father stood beside his mother,Continue reading “Koya’s Choice – 1”