Blog Week – Reneeissance

Reneeissance on Blog Week

I love the play on words for this blog’s title. Reneeissance It’s written by Ms. Renee Murray who is a mother to two children, and writes creative fiction.   Ms. Renee has great imagination.  She posts her stories on the blog, each one unique and an experience.  I love creative writing, and it’s great to read other people’s work.  My favorite post was as story about Shanterina.  Ms. Renee writes about her muse who she’s named Shanterina.

She is the epitome of African beauty; short hair, dark complexion, white dazzling teeth. She walks with grace. She has a smile permanently plastered on her face. She is beautiful. Shanterina is a goddess. She comes to me whenever I need her. I don’t even have to call her, text her, snap my fingers or anything. She just appears. Just senses my need for her, and she is there! Nice, huh? She does her job well too. With loyalty, commitment and diligence – she possesses the perfect CV, I’m sure. She is smart and funny to boot. Her creativity is unmatched. You can’t help but fall in love with her when you meet her for the first time. She always has the right words. She knows exactly what I want to say, when I want to say it. She fuels my thoughts. Shanterina ladies and gentlemen, is the name I choose to call my muse. (And also the fascinating name of a girl in Hailey’s class who I have never met.  But that is a story for another day…)

Follow her blog, read more fresh stories from Renee.


Blog Week: Kenyan Trep Lady & Amari

Kenyan Trep Lady on Blog Week.

This blog is by a lady named Bilha.  She’s a baker and an entrepreneur.  Kenyan Trep LadyShe shares the hustles she’s experienced doing business in Kenya and the challenges you’ll face when you decide to start a business in Kenya.  The Trep in the Kenyan Trep Lady stands for Entrepreneurship.  So, check it out.

I share this blog because it shares information about small businesses in Kenya.  It’s tough to start a business in Kenya.  If you do start a business, keeping it running is also a challenge.  There are many obstacles you have to jump over before you can say you’ve succeeded.  My favorite post in this blog is, 5 Reasons Why it’s Okay to Fail in Business in Kenya. They say when you fall hard, the best thing to do is not to stay down, but to get up.  Bilha shares her reasons for keeping on the Trep Track.  Follow her blog.

As for me, I have failed a few times and every time is quite humbling and I won’t lie, quite painful. The first time I failed in business was when I started a baking business that didn’t take off, it lasted 6 months. However, I learned my lesson and realized my very many mistakes – I had not planned for anything at all, I had no business plan. The second round I started, I have been going for two years now, however, I have failed in other ways. One of the ways being my recent setback of expanding too fast in a  slow-growth location; it didn’t go very well. However, I realized my mistake and relocated back to be a home-based business for now. This was in order to keep the business going while I re-strategized. As an entrepreneur, one makes big and small mistakes alike and one just has to  keep learning and making sure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Don’t give up, just keep progressing and getting smarter. That is why today I want to share why I think it’s alright to fail in your business, however small or big way that it happens. It’s always an eye-opener and quite a lesson to be learned.

Bilha runs a Bakery Online called Amari Bakery.  If you love to bake and want tips on where to buy the best ingredients, check it out.  It’s quite insightful even when  you want to start a bakery business.  You get to see some of the challenges she faces, or the exciting events she goes to.  Also, if you want to learn how to bake, Amari Bakery offers lessons.  So check out the Amari Bakery Blog.

Blog Week – Bob Njiru’s My World

Bob Njiru’s My World

I love an opinionated blog.  Most times I might not even agree with what the blogger says, but just that they had the Bob's Blogguts to write what they have is great.  So, I ran into this blog through a post on Kenyan Poets Lounge.  Bob Njiru lets you know what he’s thinking, without mincing any words.  If you love a blog that’s full of awesome opinions, check this one out.

Bob is a university student at the University of Nairobi, and my favorite post so far is 5 Friends You Need to  Loose because it’s very true.  Here’s an excerpt.

Friends are an integral part of our lives and it would be unimaginable living without them. We share memories,we laugh,we cry,we fight but we still find ourselves enjoying each other’s company. Its friendship.
But in as much as we appreciate friends there are some friends who do us more harm than good and its unfortunate that this happens without us actually knowing it or sometimes we just assume the wrongs simply because we don’t want to loose the friendship. Here are 5 types of friends that you need to loose fastest you can and you will see life change for the better….

Blog Week – Everyday Kenyan

Everyday Kenyan by Elma Wambui.

picturesA blog that gives insights on every-day stuff that happens to normal Kenyans like me and you. Kenyans who experience the rough of doing things on their own. Those who walk the streets haggling for bargains, looking for deals or seeking inexpensive ways to meet their domestic needs. Here we go!! See Kenya in My Eyes

I found this blog when I needed to find a matatu to take me to Strathmore.  Sometimes navigating the streets of Nairobi can get you lost, and knowing the right route number can make all the difference.  This blog post was very helpful to me, and I just love Elma’s blog for the little tidbits she shares on daily life in Nairobi.  I hope she keeps writing.  #Keeping it real.