Calculating Self- Publishing Costs in Kenya – Non-Fiction Books

Break out the calculator!  It’s all about the Word Count! So, I’ve had a few questions about what the process of self-publishing a physical book in Kenya looks like.  What does it take?  How much does it cost?  So, let’s calculate it in this post. Are you ready to self-publish? Writing in Kenya is aContinue reading “Calculating Self- Publishing Costs in Kenya – Non-Fiction Books”

Tips on Promoting Self-Published Books in Kenya

Reader Question: What self-promotion tips result in high sales? I got this question on my blog, and it had me thinking, of course.  When I first started writing, I felt a little bit a lot like a fish out of water.  Gasping for air, with no real idea on what to do next.  I know whatContinue reading “Tips on Promoting Self-Published Books in Kenya”

How to Self-Publish your Books in Kenya

Self-publishing might seem like an uphill battle, but with  experience, it gets easier to get into on this sunny part of the world.  There is no reason not to write.  A few years ago, the only way to access your money after you sold e-books and your money was in your Paypal account was throughContinue reading “How to Self-Publish your Books in Kenya”

Five Reasons why you need an Editor in Kenya

Five Reasons why you need an Editor in Kenya. Editing is lifesaving to writers.  A good editor will make your work shine, and help you tell your story in the clearest way possible.  A good editor will ensure you are bringing out the best of your content. Here is why: Language: Editors will make sureContinue reading “Five Reasons why you need an Editor in Kenya”

4 Questions to Ask Before You Self-Publish in Kenya

First question, Are you a writer? You’re a writer if you fill notebooks with stories and random thoughts that could be stories. If your laptop/PC is full of files of stories you’ve written. You wonder why publishing can’t get easier in Kenya. You get jealous every time you see that Saturday story running on theContinue reading “4 Questions to Ask Before You Self-Publish in Kenya”