The Nairobi Cake Festival – Unexpected and Delightful

I was pleasantly surprised on Tuesday 22nd, when I got a message on my Facebook page from Edumed Trust.  The lady in charge of the Nairobi Cake Festival  had found my post on the cake festival 2014 and left me an apology for my strange experience to do with an Orange Tag.  I gave her myContinue reading “The Nairobi Cake Festival – Unexpected and Delightful”

4 Questions to Ask Before You Self-Publish in Kenya

First question, Are you a writer? You’re a writer if you fill notebooks with stories and random thoughts that could be stories. If your laptop/PC is full of files of stories you’ve written. You wonder why publishing can’t get easier in Kenya. You get jealous every time you see that Saturday story running on theContinue reading “4 Questions to Ask Before You Self-Publish in Kenya”

Picture Perfect 1

Chapter One Dinner for one, Victoria thought with a sigh as she stared at the clean plate across her. This wasn’t the first time her boyfriend had canceled on her.  She chewed the spicy piece of chicken she’d spent hours marinating and swallowed it along with the lump in her throat.  She’d made dinner thinkingContinue reading “Picture Perfect 1”

Volunteering at the Storymoja Hay Festival – Kenyans on Youtube

Research on Youtube/Vimeo June was full of research for us volunteers.  The Storymoja Hay Festival had us looking at Youtube/Vimeo and the impact it has in terms of business and entertainment.  So, June was full of education for me. It’s interesting working in a group, I feel like I’ve been running solo for a while, andContinue reading “Volunteering at the Storymoja Hay Festival – Kenyans on Youtube”

Blog Week – Reneeissance

Reneeissance on Blog Week I love the play on words for this blog’s title.  It’s written by Ms. Renee Murray who is a mother to two children, and writes creative fiction.   Ms. Renee has great imagination.  She posts her stories on the blog, each one unique and an experience.  I love creative writing, andContinue reading “Blog Week – Reneeissance”

Blog Week: Kenyan Trep Lady & Amari

Kenyan Trep Lady on Blog Week. This blog is by a lady named Bilha.  She’s a baker and an entrepreneur.  She shares the hustles she’s experienced doing business in Kenya and the challenges you’ll face when you decide to start a business in Kenya.  The Trep in the Kenyan Trep Lady stands for Entrepreneurship.  So,Continue reading “Blog Week: Kenyan Trep Lady & Amari”

Blog Week – Bob Njiru’s My World

Bob Njiru’s My World I love an opinionated blog.  Most times I might not even agree with what the blogger says, but just that they had the guts to write what they have is great.  So, I ran into this blog through a post on Kenyan Poets Lounge.  Bob Njiru lets you know what he’sContinue reading “Blog Week – Bob Njiru’s My World”

Blog Week – Everyday Kenyan

Everyday Kenyan by Elma Wambui. A blog that gives insights on every-day stuff that happens to normal Kenyans like me and you. Kenyans who experience the rough of doing things on their own. Those who walk the streets haggling for bargains, looking for deals or seeking inexpensive ways to meet their domestic needs. Here weContinue reading “Blog Week – Everyday Kenyan”

The Nairobi 2014 Cake Fest & An Orange Tag Woman

All you can eat Cakes @ the Nairobi Cake Festival 2014 This weekend, I got to attend and participate in the Nairobi Cake Festival 2014.  If you love Cake, this is the place you should have been on Saturday, 6/28/2014.  Tickets were Kshs. 600 – Adults and Kshs. 350 for kids for Advance Tickets, butContinue reading “The Nairobi 2014 Cake Fest & An Orange Tag Woman”

H_ART the Band Answers my Question.

Two weeks ago, I posted the lyrics to H_ART the Band’s Ask My shoes (Uliza Kiatu).  I’d also asked the guys on their Facebook Page what had inspired their song.  I’m glad to say that they responded today, so I can share their answer with you. Elly in Nairobi’s Question: – Hi Guys, I loveContinue reading “H_ART the Band Answers my Question.”