Saturday afternoons in the Flower garden

Today, our favorite companions, two white cats, with the most expressive eyes.  I, most times, believe they understand every word we say.  They’re both girls and get those moments when they huff and walk away…..clearly, they’re speaking here.

I saw them playing in the flower garden and it reminded me of another Saturday not too long ago.  As mentioned before, I love gardening, flowers growing around the house, digging fingers into the dirt…all of it is therapeutic and a great mind-clearing exercise, as Mum says.


So, on this Saturday, we (Mum and me, worked in the flower garden, while my sister baked) spent time weeding, loosening dirt for the flowers, kneeling right in to pull out weeds. It doesn’t take long.  Afternoons are the best around three p.m., going into dinnertime.  It’s funny, but when we start working, everyone in the compound gravitates to that spot, and wild conversations arise.  The last time, my sister (the bakerette), was reminiscing on when we were kids and each of us got a small patch to dig and plant.  We each had digging tools, and even planned out what to plant.  Of course, Our Mum would be supervising, and we grew flowers mostly, while she planted veggies, but it was a fun way to keep us occupied. Many years later, looks like we’re all still tending to flowers, and pretty grass.  Of course, our little helper, Bindi the cat, always inspects the job, to make sure it was done right.

Afterwards, we all sat on the stairs having tea with pancakes made by our in-house bakerette. Thinking about gardening today, I went to check the flower gardens thinking next Saturday, we need to do some garden work…the cats seem to agree.

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Save My Heart is available here, get the pdf, and read away.




Art Adventures at the Hotel Waterbuck-Nakuru


It feels like it’s been a while since I went on a road trip, so this was incredibly fun.  Nothing on the mind, but being on the road, noting random things, lush green scenery and that family of zebras, having their lunch.


Nakuru was rainy when we got there, so our contact sent us a tuk tuk man.  I now believe everyone should have Mr. Ngugi when you first hit Nakuru.  He got us around town and answered a billion questions with patience.

View from inside Mr. Ngugi’s Tuk Tuk.

We had a stress free transport time thanks to him.

The trip was a fun day out, but it was also for a conference, organized by Topserve Baking Accessories and supplies, who have relaunched their shop in Nakuru.  The Conference was held at Hotel Waterbuck, Nakuru.  While the event continued, it was hard to ignore these gems on the walls of this hotel.  So much art, there is no chance you will be bored checking in to this hotel.





Let’s Join the Jazz Band
All that and a Cup of Coffee

Nakuru is about 3hrs away from Nairobi.  Very quiet, very laid back, and definitely a lot of fun to be had.  New Goals after this trip –> Not to take everything too seriously, gotta take time to have fun.

Check out Hotel Waterbuck next time you’re in Nakuru.  If not to stay overnight, then to eat, at their delish restaurant.

3 Important Things for Kenyans to Remember

I’m guilty of falling into a dark repetitive cycle when what I expected doesn’t happen, or changes into what I didn’t want.  #ElectionsKe is a great example of jumping into this dark repetitive cycle that leaves you spinning on the same spot. Questions like, ‘Why is this happening?’ ‘Can’t they just stop or agree?’  ‘Oh my god, there is this side, and that side.  That side is definitely out to get this side‘, fill the mind. The blaming, the shaming, the hating, the pointing fingers…this is just a small part of the dark repetitive cycle, earlier mentioned.

You have to make a conscious effort to pull yourself out of there.  To remember the important things, despite the turmoil bred by politics.

  1. Your Life’s Goals – Focus on that instead of negativity.  Allowing yourself to be imagessucked into the dark cycle will only derail your life’s goals.  This isn’t easy, especially for those of us in business. Every day Kenya continues in a state of anxiety, the harder it is to buy and sell, manufacture and deliver.  Costs run up, so we’re forced to think of new ways to achieve our goals.  It’s a challenging experience, but one that’s way more important than jumping into the dark cycle.
  2. Kenya is not one person, it is all of us.  Be kind to your neighbor as you have always been before, are now, and should be in the future.  We can only grow together.
  3. Let the Giants fight it out.  The rest of us, keep living, building, growing what matters to us, in our lives.  The giants won’t pay for your rent, give you money for your house, and family.  They won’t know what you’re eating for dinner, or breakfast.  You can only do one thing, vote, the rest, leave it to our more than capable Justice branch.

Meanwhile, raptly waiting to do what I can, which is vote as needed, then see new trends, like #githeriman #Chilobae  on my nearest screen, and smile in amusement at the Creativity in this country. Gotta love it! While doing my own thing, through it all, because that’s what matters to me and my family.

This is a Blog Hop Post! For a writing group called Literati.  The best bunch of people I’ve gotten to know.  Totally inspiring you and making you aspire to do better too…

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The Unaffected Resolve – A 254Comic

The Unaffected Resolve

by Humphrey Osoro

The Unaffected Resolve is an ongoing fantasy/actionunaffectedresolve_1 graphic novel series that takes you into the mind of Lisa Sagini, a lieutenant in the Kenyan army, her apprentice ,Orville Mukau, and the mysterious cat creature that accompanies them through their adventures as they try to survive the horrors thrown against them, and to do that, they must have a resolve stronger than steel. It must be …Unaffected. Follow the saga to find out what happens.

Available on :

Cost: Kshs. 250



unaffected-resolveHumphrey draws a tale about Lisa Sagini, who is in the Kenyan Army.  The story starts with a bang, a cat creature carries Lisa on it’s back, and that had me going what’s next.  Very strong strokes on the art, Osoro clearly defines each of his characters.  The tone is a bit darker than I’d like, but still it does not take out from the story, which leaves me waiting to see what more is in store for Lisa Sagini.

I have mad love for the otaku culture!  There was a time I thought I might start drawing a manga, but writing is more exciting for me.  Instead, I read comics and manga avidly.  I was excited to get to know this little gem, and from our 254 region.  I hope to see more from Humphrey, soon!

Follow Humphrey’s Blog to learn more.

Day 6 – Laughing until my stomach hurts

Funny ha-ha
Do you consider yourself funny? What role does humor play
in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know?

6- Laughing  until my stomach hurts

When was the last time you laughed until you felt you’ll pee your pants?

laughing out loudThink about it.  Really stop and remember that moment, and why you laughed until your stomach hurt and tears filled your eyes.  Laughter is the best medicine in any situation, yet it is so rare.  Sure, you can chuckle or give a small laugh when you think something is amusing.  However, honest to goodness, laugh-out-loud laughing is precious.  An awesome laugh is spontaneous and when it happens, gosh-darn, I fall in love with the person who made me laugh that way.  Why?  Coz, I remember that laugh for days, weeks, hell even months, because it was just so good laughing that way.

The funniest person I know is a cousin I consider our big brother.  I’ll name him J.  J is one of those guys who can get you to laugh until you pee your pants.  I love it when he visits us because he always has the best stories to tell.  He’s lively and genuine.  I appreciate him because he has seen my family go through some tough times, and strange times, and no matter the situation, he always manages to make you feel like it will be okay.  I have had some amazing laughs thanks to J, so this post is my small shout-out to him.

Geez, I think it is important to laugh often.  If you’re not genuinely laughing, find a cat video if you have to and laugh.  #Be happy.   


100 days Writing AdventureDay 6 – On the importance of a good laugh….our society these days is so serious, unforgiving, and downright mean at times.  We need to focus on the smiles, and laughs…the genuine kind.

Poetry Wonder at the CakeFest254 2016

The Nairobi Cake Festival 2016 was this year held at the Kenya Wildlife Service Grounds!  Unlike last year, this time the weather cooperated.  And the Venue was Fantastic! Once again, I was attending as part of the Cake Providers.  Maureen and I had a really nice tent, Amari Quickbreads was set up for the day, and boy did we serve cake.

Say, “Hi, have some Apple Cinnamon Cake today,” Five times, maybe ten, uhm…twenty, then thirty…At some point, someone was like, say what? Say that again, coz I had messed it up to Apple Cinnamony…Apple Cake…Cinnamon Apple….Cinna….lolz.

I had a blast!

Our Tent was fantabulous, we got loads of visitors wanting to know more about Amari and of course we were representing Cookswell Jikos too.   I want to give a grateful shout out to SafiServe who brought us the blue gloves you see my Sis wearing.  They placed us on top with Food Safety, which is really important. Check out Safi Serve, and learn more about the good work they are doing across Nairobi.

Maureen looking fabulous after a very successful Cake Festival 2016.  She had baked all night before this, and you can’t even tell, right!  Love you, Sis ^_^

cakefest 032


When the cake dishing out exercise was out, I got a chance to check out the competition!  Wow, Bakers have great imagination.  Here are some pieces that jumped out at me.

I got to the Teapot and teacup after someone had a taste! ^_^

cakefest 064

Imagination took over here.  I kept thinking of exotic plants in all the SciFi books I’ve ever read for this one.↑

cakefest 050

The Watermelon Cake that had us all waiting for a piece↓….Just loved how vibrant this cake looked on the inside!  This lady made my day when she decided to cut the cake so we could see the inside.

cakefest 092

cakefest 087cakefest 086






cakefest 089

Poetry Magic

When the day was over, we decided to walk around and see the show.  While taking cake pictures, this band came on and stole my heart.  I love a good poetry slam session, and this guy delivered.  He was great with the rolling words, his spoken word captured the soul, down to the toes…and the roars when the guitar riffs hit right!  Yeah, I had my guitar fix, and the day was complete!

The Nairobi Cake Festival has grown in the last few years.  This festival is quickly growing into a wonderful creative pool.  Festival goers get to meet Great Big Cake Houses, as well as Small Bakers with Big Dreams just starting out.  I felt inspired walking from tent to tent, seeing so many people with creative ideas, working to showcase their businesses.  Speaking of creative, these guys made me smile.  In a sea of cake, they brought out the jerseys, their art, and a dash of taste. Cocktails anyone?  Loved their flare. Thumbs up

cakefest 105

Cake Fest 254 2016 in a nutshell?

It was Cake, Celebrating Achievements, Having Fun, Meeting New Friends, Hanging with New Friends, Creativity at its fullest, and of course, Great Music….loving the band at the end!

The Ladies Posing after a Hard Day’s work!

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Edumed Trust – It’s all about taking kids to school, join the Cake Festival Next Year.

Safi Serve – These guys are the stuff! We need more of what they’re doing for Restaurants/ Hotels/ Food Industry

Amari Bakery – Plugging the day job here….^_^

Cookswell Jikos


Pottery – Art for Sustenance

Adventures in Nairobi led me to a wonderful community center in Eastleigh that does pottery to help fund their projects and support the less privileged.  The Eastleigh Community Center has a full-fledged Pottery Workshop that produces gorgeous pottery pieces they sell to support the center.


We got the chance to walk through the pottery shop where they sell their finished products.  Of course, the motto was walk with care.  I kept praying my clumsiness would stay put, the shelves were so gorgeously full of delicate art.  The staff was busy packing for an exhibition, so I only got one shot of the packed shelves.  I’m told you can visit the Center if you would like to view the pottery before you purchase.


More pottery on shelves…these jugs remind me of the ones I see in old Egyptian paintings, or Greek art. Imagine yourself filling your jug with water, or milk, and placing it on the work table.  So beautiful….get one here.


The picture above is a collection of mugs in the process of creation, before they go back in to the kiln for another burn.


This little plant pot absolutely stole my heart.  Yes, part of it is the Biscuit written on the side, but it is just so cute, I want one!


Outside the Eastleigh Community Center offices is a line of potted plants that make me want to go back to their shop and purchase a few for our compound.

The Eastleigh Community Center displays their pottery work at different expos around Nairobi.  You might run into them at Yaya Center, the Maasai Market, or at the Sarit Center Expos…and many other trade shows.

Learn more about this industrious Project

Website : PCEA Eastleigh Community Center