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The best you is the one when you’re most comfortable and happy…jjang!

Hi, I’m Elly K. 

I write fiction and also ramble about life in Nairobi, walking the self-publishing route.  I’ve learned the best philosophy in life is to ‘live and let live’. You can’t control what others do without consequences, so I do what I can with my own life.  My current goal is to have a series of romance novels set in Nairobi. I work at it everyday, and will celebrate when I’ve reached five books set in this city in the sun. 

Since I wrote this About, two years ago, I’m now happy to have authored five romance stories with more in the works.  I can now proudly say I’m author of: Save My Heart, Koya’s Choice, The Girl with The Golden Smile, I dream of you and Life on the Fast Track.

Find my books on the links above, and share, share, share!  I’ll thank you in advance for that.

I’m currently working on:

Zuri Kabinda, The Enchanting Violinist and Picture Perfect.

Follow my blog for updates on these stories and more…^_^


Still on Twitter – Connect with me: @ellykamari254


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello my name is Thomas McRae and I love to mail you a copy of my short fiction novel called Pimp in the pulpit. It’s inspired by my family trails and tribulations but not all facts, my book is filled with drama, comedy and suspense. I guarantee you will enjoy this book and relate to it on some personal level and that is why I like to get a review from you. Pimp in the pulpit will make you laugh, cry and appreciate your own life. You can check current reviews at Amazon.com and Goodreads.com and Nikki McNamara book blog and glamadelaide.com.au owner Rod Lewis and see my interviews with Debdatta Dasgup book blog and Fiona Mcvie at authors interviews.WordPress.com and A.F Stewart owner of are you afraid of the dark blog and Eclectic Moods Blog plus Just Books Blog owner Rainne. Or listen to my online radio interviews at Artists first network radio with Tony Kay and Talk network radio with Jeff Heiser and Steve Coplon right thinking Foundation also affiliated with Talk network radio. Or go to rockawave.com enter my name Thomas McRae and see the articles about me by The Wave paper located at Far Rockaway Queens NY email me anytime thank you and GOD bless. Oh P.S check out my review plus interview with Thunder Horse Publishing courtesy of Joseph Clayton.

    1. Hey Thomas, nice to meet you! It seems you have a good exposure. I may like to have a look at the book. I am mainly a non-fiction guys, so I find it hard to read fiction. I enjoyed The Kindness of Enemies by my country woman, Leila Aboulela. At the result, I tried to write my first novel, now on Amazon. It is titled, Life Cure. I got a few copies for readers, and good enough they reported the loved the book. It is about my life story but now in fiction, not fact like Elly said someone on this website.

      John Shalom

  2. Hi Elly, this is John, a writer from South Sudan. I’m now living in Nairobi, mainly to write. I write how-to guides and have created my own e-commerce site for e-books—johnshalom dot com. Thanks for detailed articles about self-publishing. I have been on Amazon (KDP), CreateSpace (CSP) and Smashwords (SW) since 2012, and I am still there.

    Hope to be reading your tips when I can.


  3. Hi Elly, Great insights and supporting fellow writers. Do you do book reviews for non-fiction books? I wrote a niche book to help everyone learn sales and make it a likeable profession.

  4. Hi Elly, approximately how many words should a fiction literature have? How about non/fiction?
    Another question, what should i do for my blogs to be appearing in search engines? must i create a website first?

    1. Hi Joyce, thanks for visiting my blog.
      To answer your first question on fiction length, this should work out:
      1. Short story – Under 7,500 words
      2. Novelette – 7,500 to 17,499 words
      3. Novella – 17,500 to 39,999 words
      4. Novel – 40,000 and above.
      Non/fiction depends on content and the type of content it is. The same wordcount as non-fiction will let you know the size of the book you want to create. Do note that non/fiction will often have graphs, or pictures, or other diagrams depending on the content. These increase the number of pages in a books, so you need to account for that when creating one.

      On blogs appearing on search engines – Post authentic, informative content, and they should appear on search engines. Post often, and make sure your content is engaging to your target audience. Share your blog on social media, with your friends, in groups where people discuss the same topic you do too. Grow it bit by bit and it will become discoverable. It also helps to advertise it sometimes on social using facebook ads.


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