Koya’s Choice – 19 – Day 11

19 – The truth comes when you least expect it.

Mean.  Horrible.  Heart breaker.  These words described the woman who had written the letter sitting on the desk.  Koya scowled.  She didn’t have her own letter to  prove her innocence.  Kim was the only who had read the letter Charlie had sent her. 

Anger. Astonished.  Bitter.  Downright annoyed. 

That was her after Charlie walked out of her office looking justified.


He wasn’t the only one who had a broken heart.  Her heart was broken too. Staring at the letter on her desk, she wondered at her luck.  Why did this have to go this way?  She’d never written a letter to Charlie.  Which meant, the letter she’d read…she stared at the letter on her desk.  That letter that  had broken her…

Koya got to her feet and grabbed her cell phone to call Kim. Her finger hovered over the dial button, but she couldn’t call.  She was someone who had been kissing Kim last night.  Did it make sense to call him now to complain about her ex? 

Was that fair?

Koya scowled. 

She started pacing, looking for Ashi’s number.  Her finger, once again, stopped short of pressing the dial button.  Ashi had spent fifteen minutes earlier in a parking lot railing at her over her indecision with Kim. If she called now about a bloody letter that was eight years old, Koya groaned and stopped pacing.

Hana was next.

She dialed Hana’s number, but it went unanswered.  One glance at the time, it was two o’clock.  Hana was probably busy with work.

Great, she needed a bigger circle of friends.

Grabbing the worn letter from her desk, she took her car keys and left her office, not even stopping to give Linda an explanation.

The red haze that clouded her mind didn’t clear until she was driving along Ndwaru road leading to the Dhali Estate. She stopped her car before the imposing gate she had once pounded on for answers.  The black gate, high and imposing.  There was the pillar where Kim chewed on sugarcane and dropped the bits while she cried her heart out. The pain that day had never left her.  Rejection, so coldly delivered.  How could she have hoped to forgive Charlie after reading that letter she got?  How could she have imagined he received a similar letter from her?

She slammed her palm on the car horn.  The sound splintered the relative calm in the neighborhood.

The guard appeared at the small entrance on the side of the gate.  Giving her car a once over, he decided she was worthy of entering the estate, and went to open the large gates.  She didn’t wait for him to ask questions. Koya drove up the driveway determined to face Ashley Dhali.


To be continued…Thank you for reading!

100 days Writing AdventureDay 11 – Ashley, the boogey Mama is looming in the horizon.  I suddenly wonder if she’s going to manage to play her games this time.  The days continue…

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