Koya’s Choice – 18 – Day 10

18 – A Letter

You were in my heart, but now I see how very wrong you are for me.  Since you’ve decided to leave, go and forget me as I will forget you.  That’s what is best for us, Charlie.  Your world and mine can never meet.  You’re a spoiled brat who only does what his mother tells him to do.  How can we ever make a life together without her meddling?  I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore.  Don’t look for me.  We’re over. – Koya.

Charlie watched Koya read the letter he’d memorized, each word engraved in his heart.  Her cold words stung, especially when he thought of the heart-felt letter he’d written her, asking her for forgiveness, and begging her to wait for him.  He’d thought they were stronger than anything his mother would throw at them.  When he received this letter from her, he’d been angry.  Angry enough to leave without seeking her out to get answers.  If she couldn’t even look past his mother’s devious plot, he’d thought then, perhaps they weren’t meant to be.  Still, he wondered why she had let him go so easily.  Why she’d taken his words at Ashi’s house to heart, and refused to give him the benefit of doubt.

So many questions…watching her now, he wanted answers and she wasn’t giving them.  She simply stared at the letter, frozen.

“I guess you think the letter was enough, but I have wondered, Koya.  Wondered for years, why you dared say you cared.”

Charlie scoffed.

“You probably think I’m crazy for having kept this letter so long.  You brushed me away eight years ago.  I come back to find you and Kim living it up.  I’m clearly the idiot who can’t forget you.  But you know what, Koya, I needed to know if you ever cared at all.  Can you answer that question?  Did you care?”

Koya kept her gaze on the letter, never raising her head.  Minutes passed in silence, and Charlie stepped back from her desk.  He looked around her elegant offices, acknowledging that she had indeed moved on.  She’d built a business, made a life without him.  She looked happy in the photos on the walls.  So, clearly, she didn’t need him.

“Guess silence is golden,” Charlie said with a bitter laugh.  “Know this, Koya.  I’m going to make sure you see my face as often as possible.  That quiet life  you wanted away from me, I’m going to make it impossible.  Have a wonderful afternoon, my dear.”

With that, he left her office in quick strides, slamming the door behind him.  He stopped to stare at the soap stone leopard in the corner of her office.  A small smile tilting his lips, he winked at Linda and left the building whistling in excitement.  The ball was now in Koya’s court.  He’d see what she’d do with it.


To be continued…thank you for reading! ^_^

100 days Writing AdventureThe challenge continues, offline, online…day 10, Charlie throws it down, can’t wait to see what Koya does with this little surprise.



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