Koya’s Choice – 9

The Odds and Ends…daily life…

Late Friday afternoon, Koya sat at her desk in her office reading the contract Mahali Travels had sent her.  A soft knock came, and she glanced up to see Hana walk in carrying a rolled up poster.  Koya smiled in greeting at her cousin.  Hana came to her desk and unrolled the poster she held.

“This is the final Power to Women poster,” Hana said.  “Adele finally sent over the rest of the details concerning the education project.  Unfortunately, she also sent me the line up for the gala tomorrow.  We all need to be present for the launch ceremony she’s planned.”

“I thought it was optional,” Koya said, her frown deepening.  She’d been looking forward to her first lazy weekend in months.

“We were going to have a barbecue,” Koya complained.

“Adele has pulled out all the stops,” Hana said with a sigh.  “She’s invited too many important guests for us to ignore the gala.  Instead of a barbecue, we can invite Nic and Ashi to the gala instead.  It will be fun.”

“Adele is doing this on purpose,” Koya pushed her chair back and got up, walking around her desk to join Hana.

She helped Hana open the poster, anchoring it with a glass rabbit paperweight.  The words Power to Women Foundation were emblazoned across the glossy paper in vibrant green and yellow colors.  The poster was simple, straight to the point, announcing the date and time of the fundraising gala.  Koya was glad to have Hana working with her in the foundation.  Otherwise such simple things would become cause for war between her and Adele Kouga.

“The poster is pretty good, you’ve outdone yourself,” Koya praised her cousin.

“Don’t worry about Adele,” Hana said as Koya returned to her seat and she rolled up the poster.  “This aside, what are you reading?”

“The contract from Mahali Travels,” Koya said, picking up the documents as she sat in her chair.  “Hana, do you remember the name Charlie’s family uses for their business?”

“Dhal,” Hana said.  “I heard his mother started it.  You should know this.”

“I have blocked out everything concerning that family,” Koya confessed.  “But, this travel agency seems to be part of Dhal.”

Koya shook her head at the thought.  She had grown Avenue Advertising with one purpose in mind, to prove the Dhali family wrong about her and her family.  She’d done everything in her power to escape contact with the Dhali family in the business world.  She wasn’t about to start working with them now.

Hana placed the rolled up poster on the edge of the desk and came around to stand beside Koya.  She studied the documents on the desk, picking out the company details.

“Mahali Travels is renting space at the Dhal Tower.  That doesn’t mean Dhal owns them,” Hana argued.

“Either way, being housed at Dhal Tower means meeting the Dhali family,” Koya said.  “Call me paranoid, but I prefer to stay millions of miles from them.”

“It’s business, Koya,” Hana advised, her tone gentle.  “A five year contract for Ave Ad is worth anything.  The revenue it will bring in is unmatchable.  Working with Mahali Travel will build our reputation.  Who cares where Mahali is housed, they’re a huge account.”

Koya rubbed her forehead with a sigh.

“Gosh, when you put it that way, I sound like a child.”  Koya smiled at her cousin.  “You’re right.  I’m just being ridiculous.”

Maybe she was being too cautious.  She’d spent the past eight years ignoring anything to do with Charles Dhali, and suddenly this week was full of him.  She couldn’t turn without a mention of the Dhal Corporation.  She’d been living in oblivion until Kim mentioned Charlie’s return.  Now, she couldn’t escape him.

Hana squeezed her left shoulder.  “Sign the papers, Koya, for the sake of our company and not because of the past.”

Koya nodded in understanding and reached for her pen.  Hana was right.  Life went on.

“Alright, I’ll stop being paranoid,” Koya said.

She signed the designated areas and stamped them with a flourish.  Placing the contracts in an open briefcase to her right, she closed it with a snap and smiled.  She stretched her arms up, relieving tired shoulder muscles with a small sigh.

“We should celebrate,” Hana said.  “How about tomorrow after the gala, we go out.”

“We can have a party at the house,” Koya suggested.  “The day will be so tiring already.  Let’s chill out at home, nothing on our minds but drinking with friends and eating nyamchom**.”

“I’ll call Ashi,” Hana said with a nod.  “So she plans Nic the doctor.”

Koya loved her cousin’s enthusiasm.  “I heard there will be local musicians at the gala which should be exciting tomorrow.”

“Yes, even if Adele is irritating, she does know how to get a crowd over to a shindig,” Hana said with grudging respect.  “We can ignore the pomp and circumstance that comes from being an MP’s wife and take the rest.”

Koya laughed at that.  Adele could be exhausting when it came to politics.  She lived, breathed and slept in it.  She couldn’t be blamed.

“You know she wants your position,” Hana pointed out.

“I know,” Koya said.  “Sometimes I want her to have it.  Being chairlady of the foundation can be exhausting.  But, imagine the direction the PW would take in Adele’s hands.  I like how we are right now.  All our projects go through, and the members are enthusiastic.  Dear Adele will have to chill out.”

Hana went around the desk and sat in the visitor’s chairs.

“Why do you do it, Koya?  I mean if it gets hard, quit.”

“Should I say I do it to empower women,” Koya said with a small chuckle.  “I don’t know Hana; I love what we do for women.”

“Such an iron woman,” Hana teased.

Koya made a show of sitting with her shoulders squared, and winked.

“Why don’t you tell me the program tomorrow?” Koya asked.  “I’m sure Adele called everyone to come, but forgot there is actual planning to be done.”

Hana got her Blackberry from her pocket and they started planning the gala activities.


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