Koya’s Choice – 4

Chapter 4 – A Letter

Ashi wrapped an arm around Koya’s waist. Koya was grateful as it rather felt like she’d fall on her face. Kim stood glaring after the black Mercedes, his fists clenched. All Koya could think was that Charlie needed help. He was hurting, she’d seen that in his eyes. There was no way he could do this on his own. He loved her.

“He doesn’t know what he’s saying,” Ashi said in agreement with her.

“His mother was in the car. I know it. Charlie would never say those things unless she threatened him. I’m going to see him at their house,” Koya said.

If their relationship was over, Koya needed him to say it again. She needed Charlie to confirm that he was letting her go, killing their relationship.

“Let’s go inside,” Kim said. “No one is thinking straight ‘coz you haven’t slept all night.”

He herded them back inside the house.

“I can’t sleep with Charlie this upset,” Koya said, rubbing her eyes, hoping to clear away sleep. She was so tired.

“Imagine what this is doing to him. I need to talk to him.”

“You can’t go to his house right now,” Ashi said. “His mother—

“I’m going to fight her for him,” Koya said. “She can’t do this to us. I won’t let her.”

“You’re in no shape to fight anyone,” Kim said, placing an assuring hand on her shoulder. “Get some sleep first.

When you wake up, and you still want to talk to Charlie, I will walk you to the house on the hill.”

Koya rubbed her eyes again. Kim was right. He was always right. A sigh escaped and she shook her head. Her brain hurt. The thought of not seeing Charlie again made her feel crazy. She turned toward the door but Ashi stepped in front of her and shook her head.

They were right.

She needed sleep.

Kim took advantage of her indecision. Taking her hand, he led her through the living room, through to the short corridor and to the room she was sharing with Ashi. He pushed her toward the bed. Once she was tucked in, he patted her shoulder.

“I promise I’ll take you to Dhali’s home later.”

Closing her eyes, Koya hoped that it would all make sense when she woke up. She hoped that her heart would quit trying to fly out of her chest, and that Charlie would smile at her when she got to his house.

Five hours later, her hopes turned to dust.

It was two o’clock, the sun high in the sky. Koya stood at the high black gates at the Dhali estate waiting for the guards to call Charlie. None of them moved from their post. Instead, they watched her with pity in their eyes.

“Come on, Wainaina,” Koya said, her tone pleading. “I just want to ask him one question.”

“I’m sorry, Koya,” Wainaina said. “I’ve been instructed not to let you in.”

“Koya, let’s go. You don’t need to do this to yourself,” Kim said. He was leaning on the gate pillar, chewing on sugarcane; discarded sugarcane pieces decorated the ground around him.

She ignored his calm, untouched mood, and slammed her palm on the metal gate.

“Charles Dhali, you get out here and talk to me,” she called.

“Koya,” Kim sighed. “Really, this is what you want to do? He’s not coming out.”

“I can’t take it,” Koya said. “I can’t take this, Kim.”

Koya looked through the peephole and saw the groundskeeper rushing to the gates. He held a white envelope in his hand. She hoped it was a note to tell Wainaina to open the gates for her. She smiled. The groundskeeper reached the gate, and instead of handing the note to Wainaina, he slid it through the peephole to her. The white envelope had her name on top. Glancing at Kim, she took the letter, afraid of the contents.  Kim dumped his sugarcane on the ground, moving fast…ready to take the letter away from her. She moved away from him and ripped the envelope open. Straightening the leaf let, she read it:

My dearest Koya,
This is the last time you will hear from me. It’s over between us, and I hope you understand this because I never want to see or hear from you again. It’s taken me a while to realize you’re not good enough for me. You don’t have the status that a person like me deserves. It was fun having you, but now the fun is over and I need to focus on important things in my life. Those important things do not include you. Have a nice life.

Tears slid down her cheeks as she took in the harsh words. The knife stuck in her back was more than she could bear, and her knees were giving out. Kim wrapped strong arms around her, and she clung to him as he took the letter from her. He read it fast, then he ripped it apart and threw it into the wind.

“This is why I didn’t want you coming here,” he said. “They can be cruel, Koya. You didn’t need this.”

“I needed to know,” Koya said, sobs wrecking through her body. “I needed to hear him say it, but I guess reading it is even better.”

Kim cursed under his breath and turned her away from Charles Dhali’s gate.

“You don’t need him,” he said.


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