Storymoja Festival – Interns Meet at the Nairobi National Museum

Saturday was full of fun.

All the Storymoja Festival Interns met at the Nairobi National Museum for orientation of the Festival Venue. We also got to meet Mrs. Muthoni Garland, the Festival Founder. She gave us tips on confidence and how to engage an audience. We also met Mr. Wallace Garland who did a fun-filled team work workshop.


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You’ll get to meet these fabulous ladies and gentlemen at the Festival.  They’ll be the ones checking your ticket, making sure you find the right hall, helping you with any questions you might have. 


Photos Courtesy of : The Fabulous Linda Wairegi  @wairegi_linda

Via @StorymojaFest

We’re eager to meet you!!

Storymoja Hay Festival

17th to 21st September, 2014

Nairobi National Museum



Author: elly in nairobi

Elly writes fiction. Her goal is to have a series of romance novels set in Nairobi. She works at it everyday, and will celebrate when she has reached five books set in the city in the sun.

8 thoughts on “Storymoja Festival – Interns Meet at the Nairobi National Museum”

  1. we have been writing stories using flowers as a backdrop… might be interested in some of the things we have recently created,….in particular… It’s high summer here in London. The warmth feels as it should and people are getting on with their routines. So are we. are putting away vases as well as cleaning used containers. We are using our knives and secateurs to cut stems, whilst we also clean the lower leaves from stems. String is being used, chicken wire being set out, roses are being arranged using our colourwheel and between all of that, cake is being served to clients.

    During all of that, three messengers came in the form of a beautiful butterfly, a bee and an ant….and a vision became very clear…

    1. Lol, three messengers came in the form of a beautiful butterfly, a bee and an ant, that’s funny. You’re having fun with flowers, love flowers ^_^ I checked out your blog. Loved the flowers and cake post, so awesome. ^_^

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