H_ART the Band Answers my Question.

Two weeks ago, I posted the lyrics to H_ART the Band’s Ask My shoes (Uliza Kiatu).  I’d also asked the guys on their Facebook Page what had inspired their song.  I’m glad to say that they responded today, so I can share their answer with you.

Elly in Nairobi’s Question:

Hi Guys, I love your music!! I’m doing a small project called Poetry Week and I wanted to ask you one question, Which I hope you’ll answer.
What inspired Uliza Kiatu?

Hart the band



H_ART the Band’s Answer:

The journey we go through in life to be who we are and get what we want.  We were going through our first phase in our musical journey, trying to find ourselves as a band and we had a few struggles here and there.  No one really would understand fully what we were going through hence the idea came up.  What if shoes could speak on our behalf???




And what if indeed!! I just love their answer.  There are so many things we go through, and sometimes it is hard to articulate the struggle, and the journey.  My friends used to say if the walls could talk, when we were in a room, so in this case, H_ART the Band says, “Ask My Shoes (Uliza Kiatu)” what my struggles have been like.

Thank you so much @H_ART the Band for answering my question.

Please support their music: – Uliza Kiatu (Ask My Shoes)

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Follow them on Twitter:  @H_ARTTHEBAND

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