Opportunities – Storymoja Festival Writing Fellowship

This is an impromptu post with nothing to do with poetry week, but it’s good to share opportunities as they are found.  This Fellowship is offered to Six (6) Fellows by the Storymoja Festival people.  I imagine they have a thorough vetting process, so if you’d like a chance to get in, I suggest writing the most interesting story possible, with minimal typos.

What is it?

The Storymoja Festival Writing Fellowship 2014/2016 is a 2 Year long programme, consisting of Monthly Workshops which will include group and individual sessions between mentors and fellows, email correspondence with tutors/mentors, study projects, monthly writing projects with deadlines, and the culminating presentation of a completed yearly project at a session in the Storymoja Festival.

The programme is designed in such a way that full time students and persons otherwise employed on a full time basis can participate.


The Fellowship has 6 fellows per revolution.

Fellows must be between the ages of 18 and 35.

Fellows are chosen on the basis of potential judged from submitted works.

Fellows sign contracts committing to the full programme.

Why Join this Fellowship?

  • To develop writing skills in talented authors between the ages of 18 and 35.

  • To develop and promote reading material that reflects the contemporary East African culture.

  • To develop fictional material suitable for consumption by children, teenagers and young adults.

  • To promote the profiles of East African Authors 18 – 35 years old on the International Market.

Application Link :  This link is for the Application Form.  You’re required to submit a 3, 000 (Three Thousand Word) Story. They have specified, so read the application form before submission.

Storymoja will be looking for potential in craft and language. Works submitted must fit in the categories of Urban Fiction or Children’s Fiction (6 – 18 Years)

Okay!  Get to writing!! and Good luck on your submission. P/S I couldn’t find a deadline in their information, so…just submit and see what happens.

Published by elly in nairobi

Elly writes fiction. Her goal is to have a series of romance novels set in Nairobi. She works at it everyday, and will celebrate when she has reached five books set in the city in the sun.

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