My Nairobi, My City : Bright Kyadiva

Mr. Bright Kyadiva is the the Coordinator of Phanicey Charitable Foundation.  An organization  committed to improving lives of the poor and the vulnerable (particularly women and youth) in social, cultural and political settings by creating an enabling environment for their participation in community development.

Phanicey Medical camp, photo courtesy of Phanicey Charitable Foundation

PCF runs different programs in the community, all of them focused on initiating a number of development programs on water, health, education, agriculture and environment.  PCF has run successful medical camps and ran Life Skills training programs in rural and marginalized areas.

I caught up with Mr. Bright Kyadiva and was happy when he took the time to answer my questions and here’s a glimpse of his Nairobi.

Name: Bright Kyadiva
Occupation:  Coordinator, PCF

Elly in Nairobi: What part of Nairobi do you call Home?

Mr. Kyadiva: Kibera

Elly in Nairobi:Tell us about what you do?  For example what you do working with Phanicey Charitable Foundation (PCF)

Mr. Kyadiva: PCF is a charitable/humanitarian organization and myself I like challenges in life, to make life better. I decided to offer my expertise through such an umbrella organization to reach the vulnerable and less fortunate in the society especially slum areas.

Elly in Nairobi:Were you born in Nairobi?  If not, tell us where you were born and why you moved to Nairobi.

Mr. Kyadiva:I was born in Vihiga County, and raised in Nairobi. My parents (Dad) was working in Nairobi by then and by chance we happen to live in Town to date

Elly in Nairobi:  Describe your Nairobi.  The people you meet, help, have fun with, your work place, or home area…What makes your Nairobi?

Mr. Kyadiva:Nairobi people are very conservative depending with the area you’re living in. I have managed to intermingle with few of my neighbors,many of them are my church members and selective friends I’ve met both at work and profession.

Elly in Nairobi: What is your favorite place/spot in Nairobi city?

Mr. Kyadiva: Ongata Rongai farms and Kitengela.  It’s green and peaceful, with fresh air

Elly in Nairobi:      How have the experiences you’ve gone through in Nairobi affected you?  Why do you work with Phanicey Charitable Foundation? 

Mr. Kyadiva: My experience in Nairobi has made me aggressive and made me think outside the box in order to make a living. I work with PCF to reach many by creating a just and poverty free society as per the mission and vision of PCF.

Elly in Nairobi:How do you feel about your fellow Nairobians?

Mr. Kyadiva: Nairobians are very industrious, hardworking and innovative in business

Elly in Nairobi:     What is the best thing about Nairobi?  What is the worst?

Mr. Kyadiva:You can live anywhere in Nairobi, buy anything within your budget limits but it’s also not easy to live in Nairobi without liquid cash; There are insecurity worries and it limits people’s movement – a 24hr economy is jeopardized.

Elly in Nairobi:Tell us more about Phanicey Charitable Foundation and its place in the Nairobi City.  What is your vision?

Mr. Kyadiva: PCF is working with youth groups who are legally registered, improving their livelihoods, Youth reaching their fellow peers to change Nairobi County

Elly in Nairobi:  What would you tell others about your Nairobi?

Mr. Kyadiva: It’s a modern beautiful city in the sun, only one in the world with a walk-in national park, vibrant commercially, despite the few insecurity incidents; me & you can make it safer.

To learn more about the Phanicey Charitable Organization, check out their website below.  They’re always working on projects with youth, and helping young children in need.

Website: Phanicey Charitable Foundation

Twitter: @phaniceykenya

Facebook Page: Phanicey Charitable Foundation

Youtube Channel: Phanicey Foundation

Follow them on Twitter, and Like their page.

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