Nairobi International Trade Fair 2013

The Nairobi International Trade Fair is a yearly event held in Nairobi during the first week of October.  I missed it last  year, but this year, we decided to go for a visit.  The entry fee was Kshs. 300/-, a lot of security checks at the entrance, everybody is wary of insecurity.

Visiting the International show

When I was a kid, I’d visit the grounds for the fun, riding on the merry-go-round and cotton candy.  This time, we headed straight to the agriculture section.  Strange how things change as you grow older.  We walked through neatly arranged patches, marveling at the extraordinarily sizes of the cabbage, kales and spinach.  I have  yet to grow any kales or spinach with leaves as big as they have, but I can have a dream.


Since we went on a Friday, the place was crowded with school children.  Parents had also brought their kids.  A few got to ride camels, such gentle creatures.

kids riding a camelWe bought seeds to take home.  They always have the best seeds at the trade fair.  On our trails in the numerous stalls, we found a stand with gorgeous handcrafted crafts.  I had to take a picture of the bags, and the sculptures.

Awesome handcrafted bagsMore handcrafted crafts

This duck was so beautiful, pristine white and primping.  When I took her picture, she gave me a bored eye.  Hmm…I think she’d had enough of picture taking.

Duck giving me the eye

The best part was meeting some Llamas.  I’ve never understood these creatures, but they’re so gentle.  It was nice to be up close and personal with three of them.

llamasThe sun was high, we walked until we got dusty and tired.  This is me and my brother taking a break for a few minutes.   I had a good time, we went home with a bundle of seeds that we’re going to try and sprout. 

Feet got tired, we sat


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Elly writes fiction. Her goal is to have a series of romance novels set in Nairobi. She works at it everyday, and will celebrate when she has reached five books set in the city in the sun.

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