My Nairobi, My City Challenge

My Nairobi My City

This October, I’m going to be doing a My Nairobi, My City challenge.

1. The goal? 

– I love Nairobi.  I’ve lived outside of this city and I always return to it because I feel happiest when I’m in Nairobi.  I’m surrounded by people who feel the same and I just wanted to share that about my city.

2. Why is it a Challenge?

– I’d slotted in ten interviews only, but a friend told me that would be a biased show of Nairobi.  So, we’re going for 100 interviews.  This might take us all the way to December this year, but it will be fun getting to know how people feel and view the city Nairobi.

3. This is a chance to learn more about Nairobi, the people who live here and how they live.  It is a chance to see Nairobi in a different perspective. From my own, and what is known. I’m excited about this.

For those in Nairobi, if you’d like to Participate in the challenge, let me know.  I’ll send you the questionnaire and all you need to do is answer some questions about your experiences in Nairobi.

Published by elly in nairobi

Elly writes fiction. Her goal is to have a series of romance novels set in Nairobi. She works at it everyday, and will celebrate when she has reached five books set in the city in the sun.

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