Pink Bows and High heels – 1

“You’re going to end up alone if you don’t go out, Carol.”

Jackie Njoki complained posing dramatically in the middle of their hostel room.  Dressed in a short red skirt with a sleeveless red top that clung to her perfect figure, she was ready for a night out.

“Come on, get dressed.”

“I have a paper to finish.”

Carol lifted her psychology text-book and pushed up her reading glasses on her nose.  She was struggling through a ten page essay on Freud.  She’d been reading through the same chapter for two hours now, and inspiration was firmly floating above her head.

Jackie came to her reading desk and pointed a blood-red finger nail at her blinking cursor.

“That’s not going to move today.  You’ve had a blank page on that screen for two hours.  Come out with me.  We’re going to Will’s house.  There’s an awesome party and Alex will be there.”

“Alex.” Carol sighed.  Her heart skipped a merry beat.

She was a second year at the Nairobi University and the only things she’d managed to love about being away from home was Jackie, her other friend Annie Omitto and handsome Alexander ‘Alex’ Maina.  Alex was six feet two, had dark chocolate eyes and owned the perfect smile she’d ever seen.  He was a fourth year engineering student.  And lived off campus in what she could only call a party house because of the amount of drinking that happened daily.

She’d always loved the idea of being his girlfriend, but he tended to hang out with the tall, long-legged chicks from wealthy estates.  Carol cursed her short figure for the millionth time.  Alex only talked to her because they were both in French class.  Come to think of it, she hadn’t seen him there yesterday.

“I have class at eight tomorrow morning, Jackie.  If we go, we have to leave before twelve.”

“Now you’re talking.” Jackie clapped excited her bangles jingling.  “I’ll make sure you get home on time, Cinderella.”

“I’m not kidding.”  Carol stood and stretched her arms above her head with a groan.  “Gosh, I shouldn’t listen to you.  If I was sane, I’d stay here and finish the stupid Psych paper.”

“It’s Friday night, Alex is free for the night, you like Alex.  Sane means going out with me to this party and hanging out with him.”

Carol groaned as she rushed to their shared closet.  A thrill of anticipation already creeping in as she reached for a royal blue dress she’d bought a week ago.

“Wear the pink one, it looks good on you.”  Jackie sat on her bed and grinned.  “You have to look hot gal.”

They laughed as she stripped out of her t-shirt and pajama pants.

It took thirty minutes to get her legs shaved, her hair brushed into a flattering style and her lip gloss on.  Another five to find her phone, purse and make sure she had enough money.  Jackie was on the phone with Annie when she finally decided on the sandals she was going to wear.

“Annie is waiting for us at G.P.O.  We can go get food and take a mat to South C.”

“Sounds like a plan.”  Carol grabbed a thin pink sweater from her bed and followed Jackie out of their room.

It took them ten minutes to walk through Serena Park to the G.P.O bus stop.  Even though it was already getting dark, the air was warm and the city filled with people.  Nairobi was rarely empty on Friday nights.

Jackie talked nonstop through their short walk to the bus stop.  They found Annie waiting patiently.  Jackie gave her a short hug and tugged at her braids.

“I can’t believe you still have the patience to sit through getting these on your head.”

Annie rolled her eyes and turned to her.  “We’re not all like you, Jackie.  Weaves are itchy and I don’t have long hair like Carol.”

“You look pretty.”  Carol smiled hugging Annie tightly.  She’d known Annie longer than Jackie since they’d gone to the same high school.  “How was internship?”

“A pain,” Annie said as she pulled back.  “I spend my time being a mail girl and arranging files.  I’m never going to learn anything about accounting at this rate.”

“They’re just treating you like that coz you’re starting out.”  Jackie assured her.  “I’m starving, can we talk about this on the way to Caprice.”

“I can’t believe you actually managed to drag Carol out of the hostel.”  Annie teased as they headed toward their favorite fast food restaurant.


Published by elly in nairobi

Elly writes fiction. Her goal is to have a series of romance novels set in Nairobi. She works at it everyday, and will celebrate when she has reached five books set in the city in the sun.

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